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Real-time access control

For nearly 25 years, sports and entertainment venues have relied on Alvarado for access control and ticket validation.

GateLink10 serves as the admission platform for hundreds of facilities worldwide. The software validates paper and digital entry credentials in real-time at front gate and interior facility entry control points.

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Feature rich platform designed to meet your needs

Supports any size venue and simple or complex admission requirements.

data reporting

UI, Data and Reporting
Clean user interface with customizable dashboards, comprehensive data analysis, real-time reports and entry counts.

Seamless Integration
Operates with Alvarado’s wide array of intelligent entry equipment and any ticketing system.

Highly Flexible
Supports all media types including 1D/2D barcodes, smart phones, magnetic stripe, RFID/NFC, wristbands and more.

Added Benefits
Generate revenue with sponsor advertising on admission hardware screens.

A world-class patron experience starts at the front gate

For End Users

GateLink10 optimizes front gate entry and validation at secondary access control points inside the venue, such as premium levels, suites and clubs.

The application is designed to support both reserved seat and general admission entry applications and is compatible with our wide array of intelligent admission hardware, which includes turnstiles, pedestals, pedestrian gates as well as mobile handheld devices and suite access terminals. GateLink10 supports the use of virtually any entry media, including 1D/2D barcodes, RFID/NFC, biometric and magnetic stripe.

Many of the world’s leading ticketing companies are already integrated with Gatelink10. Our easy to follow API makes the platform essentially future proof, since it can be integrated with most any ticketing system.

Users also benefit from our continual refinement and the addition of new features driven by comments and recommendations from our large installation base.

End user benefits:

  • Flexible entry process – use virtually any media
  • Patron self-scanning and operator-assisted applications
  • Ability to customize the entry process for increased throughput and security
  • Integration with existing and future ticketing providers
  • Access to a wide array of intelligent entry devices
  • Built in data analysis and reporting
  • Front gate layout, consultation services and superior technical support

Partner with Alvarado and experience the difference

Ticketing Provider Benefits

Partnering with Alvarado provides a reliable turnkey solution for admission control. Alvarado provides the access control application (GateLink10) plus a wide selection of hardware devices that we manufacture and support, such as admission turnstiles, admission pedestals, suite entry terminals and mobile validation terminals.

With 100’s of installations at leading stadiums, arenas, theme parks and other venues worldwide, Gatelink10 is a proven software platform that is continually refined and enhanced through the support of new features and technologies.

Ticketing companies that already have their own access control application can take advantage of Alvarado’s expertise and wide suite of entry control devices through use of our Direct Connect API. The API allows Alvarado entry devices to communicate directly with third party applications, opening the full suite of Alvarado intelligent admission devices to companies previously limited to offering only hand held terminals.

Benefits of partnering with Alvarado:

  • Flexible options for software integration
  • Support for all entry media types
  • Solid understanding of the ticketing industry
  • Real-time and offline control
  • Access to a wide suite of innovative and highly reliable intelligent access devices
  • 25 years of access control expertise
  • Superior technical support

Access control ticket validation applications

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Theme and Water Parks

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

Multipurpose Facilities

Speedways and Raceways



Real integration with any ticketing system

Many of the world’s leading ticketing systems integrate with Gatelink10. Our proven admission platform is used at hundreds of facilities worldwide. GateLink10 users benefit from ongoing product enhancements driven by our large installation base.

In addition to our featured GateLink10 access control software we also offer the ability to integrate directly to our devices using DirectConnect API. For more information visit the DirectConnect API page.

Options And More

Additional Information

Intelligent Admission Devices

Alvarado offers a wide assortment of intelligent gate admission devices, including solutions for disabled and stroller entry.

Other Software Applications

Alvarado also offers the following software products:

  • DirectConnect – Application and integration API that allows Alvarado entry devices to communicate directly with 3rd party applications.
  • GateWatch – Patron counting software provides real time venue counts and a historic database of entry and exit activity.

Interested in our gate admission solutions?

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