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With dozens of aesthetic and technical customization options available, our optical turnstiles standout in both form and function. Options vary by model and include:

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Custom Cabinets Colors / Materials

Our turnstile cabinets can be powder coated in a variety of colors to complement any interior environment. Additionally, cabinets can be plated in brass or bronze finishes.

Custom Cabinet Examples

Alternate Lid Colors

Custom lid colors and materials are available to complement existing floors and interiors.

Custom Lid Examples

Side Panel Illumination

Side panels can be illuminated to enhance aesthetics and provide visual notification of credential status.

Side Panels Illumination Examples

Alternate Barrier Heights / Widths

Standard moving barriers heights for the SU5000 optical turnstile are 35”, 46” and 69”. The moving barriers for the SU4500 optical turnstile are available in a 35” height.

Standard moving barrier widths for both the SU5000 and SU4500 are 28″ and 36″, but can be customized to meet unique installation requirements.

 Alternate Barrier Height Examples

Custom Panel Etching

Side panels and moving barriers can be etched with your company logo, text or artwork.

Custom Panel Etching Examples

Floor Saver Platform

Floor saver platforms enable easy installation of Alvarado’s optical turnstiles without drilling or trenching into flooring. Interior conduit channels provide paths for power, data, and access control wiring.

Platform Examples

Reader Integration

Alvarado’s optical turnstiles integrate with all types of RFID, barcode and biometric readers. Standard sized RFID readers can be installed underneath the lid. Larger or additional readers can be custom integrated per customer requirements.

Reader Integration Examples

Elevator Dispatch Display

Alvarado’s optical turnstiles integrate easily with emerging technologies, including elevator dispatch systems.

Elevator Dispatch Examples

Infill Sections

As a finishing touch for your installation, Alvarado offers a number of options to close off open spaces around our turnstiles.

Infill Examples

Climb-Over Detection

Pressure-sensitive lids detect an unauthorized user climb over attempt.

Control & Monitoring Software

Alvarado’s GateKeeper is the real-time configuration and monitoring software solution for Alvarado optical turnstiles. GateKeeper’s browser-based virtual control panel allows control of day-to-day operating functions and includes a built-in scheduling application that allows operational changes to be scheduled and automatically implemented at user defined times.

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