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Argus V60

Alvarado's most compact optical turnstile. With a cabinet depth of only 9.5", there's no area too small for the V60.
SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile


Underneath its sleek and stylish stainless steel exterior, the SU5000 boasts the latest in optical detection technology.


Optical detection technology in a compact design. Great for high end environments where space is at a premium.
SU3500 optical turnstile


The wing-style barrier on the SU3500 incorporates Alvarado’s latest optical detection and motor control technology.
SU3000 optical turnstile


With motorized drop arms and the latest in optical detection technology, the SU3000 enhances any access control installation.
SU2000 optical turnstile


Ideal for compact areas, the SU2000 provides space saving bi-directional access control without physical barriers.


With a focus on European design and engineering, the architecturally inspired ARGUS is the perfect centerpiece for premium lobbies worldwide.


With dozens of aesthetic and technical customization options available, our optical turnstiles standout in both form and function.
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