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Architects, engineers and system designers are now able to access high quality BIM objects (Revit® files) for many Alvarado products. BIMs can be found below, in the Resources section of our website and on the BIMsmith Market website.

BIM objects include multiple configurations for the following Alvarado products:

Optical Turnstiles:

SU5000 optical turnstile

[download id=”7408″ template=”alvarado”]

SU3500 optical turnstile

[download id=”5039″ template=”alvarado”]

SU3000 optical turnstile

[download id=”5037″ template=”alvarado”]

SU2000 optical turnstile

[download id=”5040″ template=”alvarado”]

Full Height Turnstiles:

MST full height turnstile

[download id=”5044″ template=”alvarado”]

MSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5046″ template=”alvarado”]

CLST full height turnstile

[download id=”5048″ template=”alvarado”]

CLSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5049″ template=”alvarado”]

CPST full height turnstile

[download id=”5050″ template=”alvarado”]

CPSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5051″ template=”alvarado”]

MST47 full height turnstile

[download id=”5047″ template=”alvarado”]

Waist High Turnstiles:

EDC-E waist high turnstile

[download id=”5066″ template=”alvarado”]

EDC-BN waist high turnstile

[download id=”5068″ template=”alvarado”]

Pedestrian Security Gates:

MSG pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5077″ template=”alvarado”]

VSG pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5079″ template=”alvarado”]

SW1000 pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5080″ template=”alvarado”]

Case and Fixture Protection:

Defender corner guards

[download id=”5084″ template=”alvarado”]

CRI corner guards

[download id=”5083″ template=”alvarado”]

SSB floor mounted bumper rail

[download id=”5088″ template=”alvarado”]

CB floor mounted bumper rail

[download id=”5089″ template=”alvarado”]

DSB posts and bollards

[download id=”5096″ template=”alvarado”]

Crowd Control Gates and Stanchions:

CFG crowd control gate

[download id=”5098″ template=”alvarado”]

CSG crowd control gate

[download id=”5100″ template=”alvarado”]

Quick Queue queuing stanchions

[download id=”5102″ template=”alvarado”]

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