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UltraQ ACT

Optical Admission Gate

The UltraQ ACT is the most compact, contactless admission control solution from Alvarado™ that offers intelligent tailgate detection and high throughput ticket validation support for guests. When a guest presents a valid ticket, the motorized panels open away from the guest, providing a clear path for quick entry. A mobile platform option is available for portable deployment.


An intuitive guest experience

UltraQ ACT

The UltraQ ACT utilizes tandem motorized swing barriers, distributed processing, and integrated optical sensors to control entry. The optical sensors detect guests, determine the direction of guest movement and detect unauthorized guests. Once a ticket is presented the doors will open and remain open until the lane is cleared and no additional tickets have been presented. If an unauthorized guests attempts to tailgate behind an authorized guest and audible alarm is triggered to alert nearby staff. In addition to detecting tailgating attempts on valid entries, the UltraQ ACT’s sensors prevent it’s barriers from closing on guests. If the barriers do encounter an obstruction upon either opening or closing, the UltraQ ACT’s software detects the obstruction and takes corrective action, precisely controlling the motors to minimize impact.

Like all Alvarado intelligent admission devices, the UltraQ scan device allows guests to self-validate entry credentials. Easy-to-use guest self-validation using superior RFID / NFC and digital barcode readers – even in bright sunlight – provides improved throughput rates, and allows attendants to focus their attention on welcoming and/or assisting guests. The UltraQ device can also be rotated fully to face either direction, allowing the UltraQ ACT the versatility to also function for scanned exits. This is useful for scenarios that use a dedicated exit lane where tickets can be marked for re-entry – easily giving guests the option to scan their tickets, temporarily leave the venue, and be allowed re-entry once they return.

  • Allows guests to intuitively self-scan printed or digital barcodes and NFC credentials
  • Frees ticket takers to perform valuable customer service functions
  • Fast and reliable validation in indoor and select outdoor environments
  • Wired LAN or Wi-Fi communication (802.11a,b/n)
  • Detects tailgating attempts
  • Supports ticket stacking; allowing groups to enter together quickly
  • Available shared center cabinets used to create configurations with multiple lanes
  • Available in standard 28” or 36” passage widths
  • Dozens of available finish colors
  • Perfect for entry gate installations at stadiums, arenas, theme parks, and zoos.
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Key Features

Included Features


Bright color display shows customizable graphics and visual instructions for guests.


Validates all media types including printed or digital 1D / 2D barcodes and RFID / NFC.


User definable lighting, screen graphics and audio sounds can be applied to indivdual gates or entire venues.


Supports ticket stacking so groups can enter together.


Optical sensors detect tailgating on entry.


Wired LAN or optional wireless communication

Guests scan through the gate quicker when using their preferred credential type.


Stadiums and Arenas

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Amusement and Theme Parks

Zoos and Aquariums


Real integration with any ticketing system

GateLink10 – Alvarado’s GateLink10 is integrated with leading ticketing providers and is used at hundreds of facilities worldwide. GateLink10 users benefit from ongoing product enhancements driven by our large installation base. We’re also willing to customize integration for select partners.

DirectConnect API – Alvarado’s DirectConnect API allows Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices to communicate directly with third-party systems. The API provides clear, easily implemented web service protocols that support real-time validation of all types of media and enable printing of seat locator slips, receipts or coupons during the entry process.

Convenient Device Management

GateUtility – Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices come with our highly convenient GateUtility device management application. This browser-based application allows authorized users to change display graphics and audio sound files, download software updates and restart devices from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. GateUtility can address individual devices, devices in a section or area, or all installed devices.

Product Images
Options and More

UltraQ portable pedestal options include:

  • Custom barrier widths
  • Barrier panel etching
  • Variety of powder coated colors
  • Battery Powered Operation
  • Wi-Fi communication (802.11ac).
  • Removable dollies for easy deployment
Removable dollies

Other Intelligent Admission Devices and Entry Gates

In addition to our UltraQ ACT, Alvarado dormakaba Group offers a wide assortment of additional gate admission devices.

UltraQ AMT

UltraQ Pedestal


Software Applications

Alvarado dormakaba Group’s intelligent admission devices operate in conjunction with our GateLink10  admission software. Alvarado also offers the following software solutions:




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