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Count patrons in real-time

For over 20 years, venues worldwide have relied on Alvarado to provide accurate and real-time patron counting. Alvarado’s GateWatch10 is server based patron counting software that works in conjunction with our waist high, optical and full height turnstiles. GateWatch10 provides real-time entry and exit counting, in-venue totals and historical counts. GateWatch10 is used at dozens of casinos along with major zoos and theme parks. It has even been used to track capacity in clean rooms and similar secured areas.

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Feature rich platform designed to meet your counting needs

Powerful and Cost Effective
Supports any size venue from a single server.

data reporting

UI, Data and Reporting
Clean user interface with real-time count reports and visual graphs.

Seamless Integration
Operates with Alvarado’s wide array of counting turnstiles.

Highly Flexible
Monitor total facility counts, in-area counts or individual lane counts.

Added Benefits
Integrates with TV monitors for displaying count totals.

Knowledge is power

For End Users

GateWatch10 is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor front gate attendance as well as “in area” totals. Going far beyond clickers and spreadsheets, the attendance information provided by GateWatch10 can be used for purposes such as determining staffing levels and gauging the effectiveness of marketing programs designed to increase attendance.

GateWatch10 obtains count data from physical counting devices installed at entry and exit points . In the case of our SU500 optical turnstile, which is a TCP/IP enabled device, entry and/or exit counts are transmitted directly from the optical turnstile to GateWatch10 over the facility network. For standard rotating turnstiles (EDC, SLT or MST models), each rotation direction generates a dry contact output which is transmitted to our GWCB12 TCP/IP enabled count controller for transmission to GateWatch10 over the facility network.

Current totals can be viewed on PCs networked to GateWatch10. GateWatch10 can also integrate with TV monitors for displaying count totals.

Like all Alvarado software products, GateWatch10 has a user friendly interface and extensive reporting capabilities.

End user benefits:

  • Track entries, exits or in-venue totals
  • Track in-area or in-exhibit totals
  • Integrates with our TCP enabled SU500 optical turnstile
  • Integrate with any of Alvarado’s wide array of rotating turnstiles or any counting device that can generate a dry contact output using our GWCB12 (TCP enabled count controller)
  • Integration to TV monitors for displaying totals
  • System layout and consultative services
  • Superior support

Patron counting applications

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Theme and Water Parks

Zoo, Aquariums and Museums

Multipurpose Facilities

Speedways and Raceways

Ferry Operators


Redundant count data storage

GateWatch10 is a networked application, receiving count data from physical counting devices (turnstiles) that are either IP-enabled, or that communicate counts to an IP-enabled count controller (Alvarado’s GWCB12). In the event of a network failure, the turnstiles continue to operate and count data generated while offline is retained by either the IP-enabled turnstile or GWCB12. When the network communication is restored, the count data collected during the offline period is uploaded to GateWatch10, resulting in no loss of historic data.

Patron counting software with admission solution integration
Options And More

Additional Information

Counting Turnstiles

GateWatch integrates with Alvarado’s wide assortment of turnstiles. The SU500 barrier free optical counting turnstile is a TCP enabled device that requires power. Alvarado’s rotating turnstiles that can operate with GateWatch10 can either be electrically controlled, in which case the count output is generated from the turnstile PCB, or manual (non-electric), in which case the count output is generated from a non-contact switch installed in the turnstile. 

Other Software Applications

In addition to counting, Alvarado provides software solutions for access control, stored value and loyalty.  

  • Our GateLink10 admission control platform (which includes real-time counting) is used to provide admission control at 100’s of sports and entertainment venues worldwide.


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