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Touchless Optical Admission Turnstile

Alvarado’s IntraQ-SU5000 offers added security in an aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable package. Once printed or digital credentials are validated, panels open away, providing touchless entry. The IntraQ-SU5000’s intelligent optical detection system recognizes and notifies of instances such as tailgating or forced entry attempts. Custom cabinet colors, LED illumination, logo etching on panels, and floor-saver platforms for simplified installation are some of the customization options available.



Optical Detection
 Highly engineered optical sensors track guests as they pass through and detect those attempting to tailgate on entry

Fast Entry Throughput
Intuitive for guests; highly responsive validation and very fast throughput

Media Validation
Superior validation of 1D/2D printed and digital (mobile phone) barcodes and RFID/NFC credentials

Custom Graphics/Audio
User customizable screen graphics and sound files can be associated with presented credential status

Bright TFT Display/Touchscreen
Clear graphics instruct guests; operators access administrative functions using touchscreen

Server Communication
Gate admission turnstile communicates via TCP/IP – wired or optional Wi-Fi

A great patron experience

Advantages for venues

The IntraQ-SU5000 provides the latest in access technology for sports and entertainment venues. Providing real-time validation of printed and digital 1D/2D barcodes and RFID/NFC credentials, the IntraQ-SU5000 supports rapid throughput of up to 30 guests a minute.

The IntraQ-SU5000 works seamlessly with Alvarado’s widely used GateLink10 admission control software. A DirectConnect API is also available,  supporting direct plug and play connections to widely used ticketing/access systems such as Ticketmaster Presence.

Benefits of the IntraQ-SU5000 Gate Admission Turnstile:

  • Provides fast, touchless entry for guests
  • Guest self-scanning improves throughput
  • Guest self-scanning allows ticket takers to become customer service advocates
  • Upscale look to match nearly any interior environment
  • Slim form factor allows for more lanes in smaller spaces
  • Superior barcode scanning in all conditions
  • Ability to validate nearly any media, including RFID/NFC
  • Many available options to compliment any venue’s interior

Intuitive and Comfortable for Guests

Interaction with the IntraQ-SU5000 is intuitive for guests. The bright TFT touchscreen display provides customizable visual instructions and can also generate revenue through on screen advertising. Panels open away from the guest, providing touchless entry. Allowing guests to self-validate credentials provides faster validation and substantially higher throughput rates when compared to validation using handheld scanning devices. Guest self-validation also allows staff to greet and assist guests and pay greater attention to possible security threats.

Optical Sensor Technology

Alvarado’s intelligent optical detection system recognizes and notifies of instances such as tailgating or forced entry attempts. Closed loop motor control and strategically placed safety sensors provide high level panel control and user safety.

Highly Customizable

The IntraQ-Su5000’s many available options allow the units to blend seamlessly into any environment. Custom cabinet colors, panel illumination in team or venue colors and logo etching on the moving or side panels are just a few of the customization options available.

Plug and play for partners

Partner benefits

No one knows more about intelligent entry control than Alvarado.

We manufacture and support our equipment and systems and provide highly competent layout, configuration, training and support. Let us show you why working with Alvarado is a very smart choice.

Benefits of working with Alvarado:

  • Simple, straightforward integration
  • Over 60 years in business; over 20 years’ experience in the market
  • Support and experience working with all media types
  • Mobile scanning expertise
  • Robust software and hardware
  • Consultative services to assist with layout, throughput and special needs entry requirements
  • Responsive, collaborative, phone and on-site support

Optical gate admission turnstile applications

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Theme and Water Parks

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums


Real integration with any ticketing system

There are two ways to integrate with Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices:

GateLink10 – Alvarado’s GateLink10 is integrated with leading ticketing providers and is used at hundreds of facilities worldwide. GateLink10 users benefit from ongoing product enhancements driven by our large installation base. We’re also willing to customize integration for select partners.

DirectConnect API – Our DirectConnect API allows Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices to communicate directly with third-party systems. The API provides clear, easily implemented web service protocols that support real-time validation of all types of media.

Convenient Device Management

GateUtility – Alvarado’s IntraQ-SU5000 intelligent admission turnstiles come with our highly convenient GateUtility device management application. This browser-based application allows authorized users from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone to:

  • Change screen graphics and sound files
  • Change turnstile operational modes
  • Open individual (or all) turnstile barriers to provide a clear passageway during or after event
  • Update software and device configurations

GateUtility allows the user to address individual devices, devices in a section or area, or all installed devices.

Options And More

Additional Information

Other Intelligent Admission Devices and Entry Gates

In addition to our IntraQ-SU5000 gate admission turnstile, we offer a wide assortment of additional gate admission devices, including solutions for disabled and stroller entry. 

Other Software Applications

The IntraQ-SU5000 gate admission turnstile operates in conjunction with our GateLink10 admission software or our DirectConnect API. For venues interested in patron counting, GateWatch patron counting software provides real time in venue counts and a historic database of entry and exit activity.

IntraQ-SU5000 turnstiles have many available options, including:

  • RFID/NFC reader
  • Wi-Fi communication (802.11a,b/n)
  • Panel illumination in team or venue colors
  • Logo etching on the moving or side panels
  • Two standard panel sizes (35” and 46”)
  • Custom cabinet colors
  • Floor saver platforms


WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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