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Watchman forklift collision avoidance


Stop forklift accidents before they occur

The Watchman is a low clearance alarm bar that warns forklift operators and management of potential collisions between forklifts and overhead doors and fixtures before they happen. Adjustable length and alarm sensitivity make the
Watchman the perfect solution for every place that matters. Make forklift and employee safety a priority at your facility with the Watchman.


Dramatically reduce costly forklift accidents

There are an estimated 68,000 forklift accidents each year. These accidents injure 90,000 workers, cause substantial property damage, disrupt business operations, and result in worker compensation claims costing companies millions of dollars in losses. Many of these accidents are caused by collisions between forklifts and rollup doors as well as overhead equipment and fixtures.

The Watchman is a visual and audio warning device that alerts forklift operators and management of impending collisions involving forklifts, doors and fixtures before they happen.

Use of the Watchman conveys the importance management places on safety and safe forklift operating principles.

How it works:

  • The Watchman installs in front of and slightly below the overhead door or fixture to be protected.
  • If the Watchman is hit by a forklift truck or load, the impact sets off a loud 105dB alarm and flashing red lights.
  • The alarm and flashing lights signal the driver to immediately STOP and alerts management of the incident.

Product features:

1. Flashing lights (with protective guards)
Red lights activate on impact for a user adjustable time of either 4 or 8 seconds

2. Impact resistant ABS tubing
Safety yellow ABS tubing resists fading and cracking and is far more durable than PVC

3. Easy installation
Comes pre-assembled with ceiling mount cable connection – units are hung from above using aircraft cable (not supplied)

4. Adjustable lengths
The Watchman adjusts to 8’ or 10’ lengths

5. Adjustable alarm sensor
Alarm sensitivity can be field adjusted to avoid false triggers caused by ambient airflow.

6. Optional remote notification
The Watchman outputs a dry contact on impact. The output can be used to activate another device such as an external light or alarm installed remotely from the Watchman

7. Highly audible alarm
A very loud 105 decibel alarm activates on impact for a user adjustable time of either 4 or 8 seconds

8. AC power option
Operates with a 115v or 230v power supply

9. Battery power option
– Uses standard alkaline batteries that last approximately 2 years
– Changing batteries is quick and easy; takes only minutes
– Low battery “chirp” when the batteries need to be changed, similar to a smoke detector

10. Certifications
The Watchman is CE marked


Low clearance alarm bar applications

The Watchman protects overhead doors, low overhead passageways and virtually any overhead fixture such as pallet racks, lifts, walls, sprinklers, conveyors, catwalks and chemical lines.

Distribution Centers


Manufacturing Facilities

Parking Structures

Prevent forklift collisions in your facility

The Watchman is a highly effective and inexpensive forklift collision warning device. Just a few examples of how the Watchman can be used are shown below.

Need assistance? We can help. Our experienced sales and customer service personnel have dozens of years of real world experience and are available to assist with ideas, options, layouts and answers to your questions.

Prevent costly damage to roll up doors.

Protect conveyors and overhead fixtures.

Protect overhead heaters and ducting.

Protect roll up doors at loading docks.

Installation Images
Options And More

Additional Information

The Watchman can be weatherized for outdoor applications

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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