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SLT crowd control turnstile


A great turnstile at an economical price

The SLT is a three-arm turnstile that provides reliable patron flow control and/or patron counting in a streamlined, compact footprint. This crowd control turnstile is economically priced and is ideal for use in all types of public environments.


The same features found in far more expensive models

Built for tough environments

The SLT turnstile is built to withstand the demands of consistent use. The rotating arms and many internal components are stainless steel. The turnstile cabinet is made from either powder coated steel or stainless steel. The turnstile lid is stainless steel.

Other SLT turnstile features

The SLT turnstile has a solid feel. The 1.75″ diameter turnstile arms are easy to push and an adjustable rotation dampener provides a controlled rotation and self-centers the turnstile arms smoothly to the home position.

The SLT also comes with four-way key override controls. With the turn of a key, the turnstile can be set to rotate in either the entry or exit direction, or in both directions. Both passage directions can also be locked down if desired.

The SLT is available in either a satin stainless steel cabinet with a stainless steel lid or a black powder coat cabinet with a stainless steel lid.


Use the SLT turnstile for people counting applications

The SLT turnstile with counting option is a great choice for applications where tracking of either entry or exit counts is required.

How it works

Rotations are counted using a magnetic contact rotation detection switch installed inside the turnstile cabinet. The SLT’s magnetic switch will require far less adjustment than the microswitch used in other turnstiles.

Turnstile rotation counts can be output to a digital battery powered counter installed in the turnstile cabinet, to third party devices or to our computerized GateWatch facility counting system, which provides real time and historic counts of entering and exiting patrons.

SLT Product Benefits:

  • One way or bi-directional operation
  • Controls and directs patron traffic
  • Very easy for patrons to move and push through
  • Hydraulically dampened arm rotation
  • Optional patron counting
  • Easy to install and maintain

Patron flow control and counting applications

SLT turnstiles are often used in retail stores as well as stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, cafeterias, or anywhere pedestrian access control and/or pedestrian counting is required. SLT turnstiles are commonly installed in conjunction with Alvarado’s pedestrian gates and modular post and railing.

Stadiums and Arenas

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Amusement Parks

Food Service

Crowd Control

General Public Access

Use our modular products in creative ways

Whatever your goals, our turnstiles, pedestrian gates, and modular posts and railing are inexpensive and flexible tools to help you achieve your objectives. Just a few examples of how our products can be used are shown below.

Need assistance? We can help. Our experienced sales and customer service personnel have dozens of years of real world experience and are available to assist with ideas, options, layouts and answers to your questions.

Alvarado always recommends that local code requirements be checked before ordering and installing products used for public entry/exit access purposes.

Installation Images
Options And More

Additional Information

The SLT has several available options, including:

  • All stainless steel or stainless steel lid with powder coated cabinet finish
  • Resettable or non-resettable counters
  • Portable base plate
  • Vinyl cover

Design Assistance

Our experienced sales and customer service personnel can assist with your design layout or questions.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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