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A versatile motorized pedestrian gate

The SW500 includes infrared-based motion detection that opens the gate when movement is detected, providing motorized single direction entry or exit control. The SW500 can also be activated to open using a push button or key switch.


Smooth operation and programmable features

The SW500 motorized, microprocessor controlled, pedestrian gate provides single direction entry or exit control. The SW500 provides a 36″ passage width, or two gates can be installed in tandem (Model SW500T) to create a 72″ opening width.

The pedestrian gate has a powerful brushless DC motor that opens and closes the gate smoothly. As patrons or carts approach the gate, a infrared-based motion detector detects the movement and the gate opens. If additional motion is detected while the gate is open, the gate remains open. If motion is detected while the gate is in the closing cycle, the gate will reopen.

If the SW500 is pushed or pulled open in the opposite direction, it can be programmed to sound an alarm and, if desired, output a dry contact for remote notification or activation of other devices.

Various SW500 gate features, including opening and closing speed and dwell time can be customized by the user. Push buttons or key switches can be integrated into the operation of the SW500 to allow for activation by attendants or store personnel.

The SW500 gate comes in a bright chrome finish. Powder coated finishes can be provided.


Use our gates, turnstiles and railing to control access and improve your bottom line

Alvarado’s turnstiles, gates and modular railing are inexpensive and effective tools to reduce theft and improve your bottom line. In retail establishments, our products allow you to create patron traffic flow patterns into and out of your store, and within your store, that channel entering patrons toward desirable merchandise areas, and exiting patrons toward check stands and other monitored areas. Used correctly, our products can both enhance store operations and reduce shrinkage.

The SW500 crowd control gate has several safety features. The rear of the gate contains a infrared-based presence sensor that detects person or objects in the gate opening path. If a person or object is detected, the gate will not open until the obstruction is removed. If the gate arm encounters a person or object during movement, the impact is sensed and the gate will stop moving. If power is removed from the gate, the gate arm can be manually opened with 2lbs. of force. An input is also provided to integrate the gate with fire alarm systems.

SW500 Product Benefits:

  • Motorized – touchless – operation
  • Precisely defined motion and detection areas using infrared-based technology
  • Provides shopping cart and customer access
  • Directs patron and shopping cart traffic flow
  • Used properly, can adhere to most public accessibility requirements
  • Powerful brushless DC motor provides smooth opening and closing
  • Various safety features
  • Fire system input automatically opens barrier in emergency conditions
  • Select operational functions are adjustable, including opening speed and passage hold-open time

Customer and shopping cart entry control

The SW500 pedestrian gate is an ideal crowd control gate to provide entry or exit control in retail facilities, health clubs, or any indoor location where pedestrian flow control is required.

Grocery Stores

Retail Stores


Health Clubs

Crowd Control

General Public Access

Use our modular products in creative ways

Whether your goals are to direct pedestrian traffic, provide delivery access, block or segment areas of your facility – or all of the above – our pedestrian gates, turnstiles and modular posts and railing are inexpensive and flexible tools to help you achieve your objectives. Just a few examples of how our products can be used are shown below.

Need assistance? We can help. Our experienced sales and customer service personnel have dozens of years of real world experience and are available to assist with ideas, options, layouts and answers to your questions.

Alvarado always recommends that local code requirements be checked before ordering and installing products used for public entry/exit access purposes. Before ordering or specifying the SW500 gate, contact Alvarado for information regarding layout and operational considerations.

Installation Images
Options And More

Additional Information

The SW500 has several available options, including:

  • Alternate plated or powder coated finishes
  • Clear acrylic panels to replace metal barrier
  • Logo/artwork can be etched on acrylic panel

Design Assistance

Our experienced sales and customer service personnel can assist with your design layout or questions.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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