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A pedestrian gate with hydraulically dampened closing

The VSG is a crowd control gate that opens in a single direction. The gate provides a 36″ passage opening and meets most public accessibility requirements. The VSG pedestrian gate’s hydraulic dampener smoothly self-closes the gate after opening. Optional electric lock control allows the gate to unlock through use of a push button or similar device, or through integration with an access control system.


Practical and durable

Stands up to the job

The VSG is a solidly built gate. The hinge post, latch post and exterior gate frame are solid welded assemblies fabricated from square stainless steel tubing. The gate has a hydraulically dampened self-closing mechanism that provides a smooth, controlled, closing operation. The gate opens in a single direction, with the swing direction configured during the manufacturing process.

The VSG has a lower strike or kick plate (installed on both sides of the gate) which serves as an impact point for entering carts and as a kick plate for wheelchair access. When used in applications with carts, by noise dampening material that absorbs impact and substantially reduces metal on metal clanging noise can be added to the plate.

The gate infill area is available with either clear acrylic (wheelchair decal included) or infill bars.


VSG-1: Manual (no lock)

VSGX-1:  Electric lock control (magnetic lock)

The VSG gate comes in a satin stainless steel finish and can be ordered with either a clear panel infill or metal infill bars.


Use our gates, turnstiles and railing to control access and improve your bottom line

Alvarado’s turnstiles, gates and modular railing are inexpensive and effective tools to reduce theft and improve your bottom line. In retail establishments, our products allow you to create patron traffic flow patterns into and out of your store, and within your store, that channel entering patrons toward desirable merchandise areas, and exiting patrons toward check stands and other monitored areas. Used correctly, our products can both enhance store operations and reduce shrinkage.

The electric lock control version of the VSG is also often used in conjunction with Alvarado turnstiles in access control applications to provide disabled and package delivery access.

VSG Product Benefits:

  • Provides shopping cart and customer access
  • Directs patron and shopping cart traffic flow
  • Used properly, can adhere to most public accessibility requirements
  • Electric lock control versions
  • Unlock using a push button or access control system integration
  • Integrates with Alvarado standard round tube posts and railing
  • Square tube posts and acrylic panels also available

Create patron traffic flow patterns that channel entering patrons toward specific areas, and exiting patrons toward check stands and other monitored areas.


Customer and shopping cart control

In retail environments, the VSG is used in store front entry design layouts where an electric locking gate is desired to control customer and shopping cart access, and to provide public accessibility for special needs patrons. This crowd control gate is also often used to provide delivery and special needs access in access control applications in conjunction with Alvarado security turnstiles.

Grocery Stores


Health Clubs

Secured entry control for theme parks and stadiums

Amusement Parks

Crowd Control

General Public Access

Use our modular products in creative ways

Whether your goals are to direct pedestrian traffic, provide delivery access, block or segment areas of your facility – or all of the above – our pedestrian gates, turnstiles and modular posts and railing are inexpensive and flexible tools to help you achieve your objectives. Just a few examples of how our products can be used are shown below.

Need assistance? We can help. Our experienced sales and customer service personnel have dozens of years of real world experience and are available to assist with ideas, options, layouts and answers to your questions.

Alvarado always recommends that local code requirements be checked before ordering and installing products used for public entry/exit access purposes.

Installation Images
Options And More

Additional Information

The VSG has several available options, including:

  • Clear panel or metal bar gate infill
  • Non-locking and electric lock control models
  • Railing outlets added to hinge or latch post to accept Alvarado 1.75″ railing
  • Push button assembly – unlocks electric lock control gate from a remote location such as a guard or attendant desk

Square Tube Posts and Clear Panels

Custom infill sections are available to fill in open areas around installed turnstiles and gates. Learn more in our barrier and railing section.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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