Barrier-free optical counting turnstile

The compact SU500 is a barrier-free optical turnstile designed for patron counting applications. For access control applications where card or credential readers will be used, visit our SU2000 optical access control turnstile product page.

Optical counting turnstile installation SU500

Patron counting applications

Entry counts  |   Exit counts  |   In venue or in area counts

Access control and gate admissions for casinos


Access control and gate admissions for amusement and theme parks

Theme Parks and Water Parks

Access control and gate admissions for zoos, aquariums and museums

Zoos and Aquariums

Access control and gate admissions for stadiums and arenas

Entertainment Venues

Access control and gate admissions for fairs

Fairs and Special Events

Access control and gate admissions for health and fitness

Health and Fitness

Walk through and be counted

SU500 Advantages

The barrier free SU500 optical turnstile has an advanced optical detection system that counts each passage as patrons pass through. The SU500 can be configured in the field to count in one direction, or in both directions. If configured for single direction passage only (i.e. entry only, exit only), the SU500 can generate an audible alarm to notify of the wrong way attempt.

The SU500 has a very compact cabinet that saves valuable floor space. Lanes can be spaced to provide passage areas of either 30″ or 36″. Center expansion cabinets that have the same dimensions as end cabinets are available, allowing space-saving multi-lane configurations. For example, three cabinets can create two passage lanes and four cabinets can create three passage lanes.

Key Features:

  • Single direction or bi-directional patron counting
  • Configurable (.wav) alarm warns of wrong way passage
  • High counting accuracy
  • High throughput capacity
  • Slim cabinet design
  • Same cabinet dimensions for standard and handicapped widths
  • Stainless steel or powder coated cabinet finishes

Added Benefits:

  • Suitable for indoor and select outdoor applications
  • Low maintenance

Common Installations

SU500 optical turnstiles can be installed at facility entry and exit points to count passing patrons. The turnstiles can be also be used to count passages into and out of areas within a facility

The SU500 is suitable for indoor applications and select outdoor applications (please contact Alvarado for information on appropriate outdoor applications). The SU500 can be fixed installed or on portable baseplates.

Alvarado takes a hands-on approach to projects and we will assist with layout and operational considerations for your patron counting applications.



Communication of count data

The SU500 optical turnstile provides several methods of outputting count data:

  1. The SU500 is a TCP/IP enabled device that communicates count data directly to Alvarado’s GateWatch server-based facility counting software in real time over a TCP/IP network. Through GateWatch current count activity is available in in real time. The application also provides a historic record of timed count activity through various available reports and the SQL database.
  2. Small incremental digital counters can be installed in the turnstile cabinet to track passages. One counter is required per passage direction.
  3. The SU500 can also output counts in the form of a dry contact. Alvarado offers a small TCP/IP enabled count controller, called the GWCB-12, which accepts the dry contact count data and communicates the data to GateWatch over a TCP/IP network. The GWCB12 would normally be used when Ethernet communication is not available at the installation point.

Other methods to display count data

Alvarado can provide an IP enabled controller that outputs count data from SU500’s and its other counting turnstiles, to a large display that can be mounted on a wall to show current in venue or in area patrons counts.

Simple integration

The SU500 is an IP enabled device that directly outputs count data to Alvarado’s server based GateWatch10 patron counting software over a TCP/IP network.

Optical counting turnstile with GateWatch integration

Product downloads

Visit our Resources page for drawings, manuals and application photos.

Additional Information

Other Alvarado Counting Turnstiles

In addition to the SU500 optical turnstile, our EDC and SLT waist high three-arm turnstiles can be used to count entering or exiting patrons. To integrate with GateWatch10 facility counting software, three-arm turnstiles require the use of a GWCB12 count controller. 

Other Software Applications

Alvarado also offers the following software products:

  • GateLink10 admission control software is installed at 100’s of locations worldwide.

The SU500 has several available options, including:

  • Alternate lid colors
  • Powder coated cabinets
  • Standard 28″ or handicapped 36″ lane widths
  • Local counters installed in cabinets
  • Dry contact output on count passage
  • Baseplates

Modular Post and Railing

Custom infill sections and modular post and railing are available to fill in open areas around installed turnstiles and gates. Learn more in our barrier and railing section.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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