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Monterrey soccer deploys Alvarado access control solution that allows fans to quickly scan and validate their entry credential without assistance to gain access to the facility. Following the successful integration of Ticketmaster technology with Alvarado solutions at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

Monterrey Soccer Deploys Alvarado Access Control Solution

The $200 million BBVA Bancomer Stadium is the most expensive and technologically advanced stadium ever built in Mexico. The new home of the Rayados soccer club was designed with numerous high-tech amenities, including Wi-Fi, a distributed antenna system that boosts cellphone coverage, HD scoreboard screens, and nearly 900 digital monitors.


BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monteeray, Mexico
The newly renovated BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico

Ticketmaster® was awarded the ticketing and access control contract for the stadium. Stadium officials tasked Ticketmaster to provide a state of the art access solution. They required a solution that would enable fans to quickly scan and validate their entry credential without assistance to gain access to the facility.

Ticketmaster Contacts Alvarado

Following the successful integration of Ticketmaster technology with Alvarado solutions at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Ticketmaster® reached out to Alvarado for assistance with the project in Monterrey. While similar in many aspects, the stadium project posed a set of additional challenges and some different requirements than those faced in Miami.

With the core TM/Alvarado system integration already complete, the project focused on sourcing the right hardware to meet or exceed BBVA‘s requirements. Ticketmaster looked to Alvarado for the experience and expertise to get the job done.

Like most projects, Bancomer Stadium had its own unique challenges, many of which were the usual issues encountered at a large, busy construction site. However, as the project progressed, Alvarado was surprised to learn that the stadium had already purchased turnstiles. This presented a significant challenge – how to make the non-Alvarado turnstiles work with Alvarado‘s scanning equipment.

Taking advantage of Alvarado consulting services, Alvarado personnel traveled to Monterrey on several occasions to meet with Ticketmaster, stadium officials, the facility architect and the local turnstile supplier. Once Alvarado‘s technical consultants completed the discovery process, they provided various layout and installation options and, ultimately, the parties agreed on a plan and solution.

Positive Identification of Rayados “Supporters”

Part way through the project, stadium officials added the requirement of positively identifying a small group of Rayados fans, called “Supporters”, during the admission process. Officials wanted to ensure that the entering fan was actually the individual listed on the entry credential.

Total Solution

Self- Scanning Ticket on Alvarado's TAS-AS
Patron self scanning a ticket on Alvarado’s TAS-AS1 Intelligent Admission Pedestal

Working with all the project‘s partners, Alvarado recommended use of TAS12-AS1 intelligent admission pedestals and GateLink10 access control software.  The pedestals, which allow guests to self-scan entry credentials, were installed in front of each full height turnstile.

Alvarado‘s TAS12 is an integrated device that combines a color touchscreen, 2D barcode imager and controller that communicates to Alvarado‘s access control software over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. The TAS12 allows fans to self-validate entry credentials, assisted by intuitive on-screen instructions in Spanish. A successful validation unlocks the adjacent turnstile, allowing entry.

In order to permit entry for the “Supporters“, Alvarado offered a solution that would both scan their credential and require a biometric finger scan as part of the entry process. This would ensure the special credentials could not be used by anyone except the owner. Alvarado had experience with biometric scanning, so adding it to the total solution was a simple matter of matching BBVA‘s requirements to existing Alvarado technology.

“We currently provide biometric validation for season pass holders at the largest regional theme park chain in North America and our experience allowed us to provide an excellent biometric validation solution and a workable process for the facility to follow,“ said William Voss, Senior Support & Sales Engineer at Alvarado. To enter the facility, Supporters present entry credentials and a Supporter card and then present their finger for final validation. Once the finger-match is verified, entry is allowed. The enhanced validation ensures accurate identification and tracking of Rayados supporters.

To ensure a successful stadium opening, the Alvarado Team returned to Monterrey. They tested and commissioned the system, and also provided operator training. On opening day, Alvarado was present to see that the system ran smoothly.

About Alvarado

Alvarado is a leading provider of access control solutions for the security and entertainment industries. The company offers full-featured access control software as well as a comprehensive array of intelligent entry turnstiles, pedestals and handheld entry hardware. Alvarado products are installed at premier sports and entertainment venues around the world and the company is a Ticketmaster® Preferred Vendor.


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