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The right solution for Ticketmaster clients


The world is moving to digital. So should the venue.

Why limit yourself to handheld validation terminals? Alvarado offers a wide range of products that improve the front gate admission process. Our highly optimized products allow guests to quickly self-validate digital tickets and traditional printed media in all types of lighting conditions.

Do you really want your gate personnel handling expensive smartphones?

Digital tickets displayed on smart phones present unique problems. Allow guests to quickly and intuitively self-validate all types of tickets. Our intelligent turnstiles and pedestals can also be equipped with high-speed printers that instantly print seat locator slips.

Full compatibility with Ticketmaster system

Alvarado’s GateLink10 software is the real-time link between our intelligent admission devices and TM’s Archtics and Access Manager. We have reliable, real-time, working installations that allow validation of both Host and Archtics generated tickets.

Why Alvarado?

Like Ticketmaster, Alvarado has many years of experience and expertise. Our access control and security solutions are used world-wide. We provide consulting services and great after sale support. In addition to access control, Alvarado also offers innovative solutions for stored value and loyalty.

Our access control solutions include pedestals, turnstiles and handheld validation terminals:

Intelligent Admission Pedestals
Integrated printer provides high-speed printing of seat locator slips, receipts or coupons during the entry process.

Intelligent Admission Turnstiles
Our turnstiles are easy for guests to use, highly reliable and well-suited for all types of access control applications.

Mobile Validation Terminal
Validation performed by the attendant instead of the fan, and often used for “line busting” and other unique circumstances.

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