The Watchman provides visual and audio warnings to forklift operators and management BEFORE collisions happen.    

DSB Bollard

Heavy gauge DSB bollards provide serious impact protection for cases, fixtures and equipment in stores and warehouses.    

LS Post

Removable LS posts install into floor sockets; when posts are removed an included socket cap covers the open socket.  …

C Post

A fixed anchored post fabricated from 3″ OD tubing with a chrome finish; provides rugged protection for store fixtures and equipment.  

Space Saver Post

The Space Saver is a fixed anchored post that has a smaller diameter base for protection applications where floor space is limited.…

Vogue Post

Versatile fixed anchored or removable posts; protect wall and case corners and provide general fixture protection.      


The SSB removable floor bumper system looks great and installs close to walls, refrigeration cases and fixtures.    


The CB is a floor mounted bumper rail system that protects walls and cases and provides a stop for shopping carts.  …


The DM corner guard has a tight radius and V-cut mounting flange to allow installation close to cases and EAS…


Defender SS and XT removable corner guards install into floor sockets so they can be removed when cleaning floors.    …


The heavy gauge CRI has a bright chrome finish and provides superior protection for cases and wall corners.