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Post and Bollard

Protect storefront, backroom and warehouse assets

Posts and Bollards are an excellent choice for protecting front of store, backroom, and warehouse assets. Alvarado offers a full line of fixed or removable posts as well as heavy duty bollards for equipment and asset protection.


A small investment protects assets in a big way

Alvarado posts and bollards are a cost-effective way to protect expensive fixtures and equipment. A small investment in our asset protection products will yield big savings on maintenance and replacement costs of expensive cases, fixtures and other assets.

  • Products for store interiors, backrooms and warehouses
  • Fixed installed and removable products
  • Inexpensive way to protect expensive assets
Post configuration for deli counter

Protect valuable fixtures from impact with our affordable and easy to install posts and bollards (Space Saver post shown above).


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Post and Bollard applications

Protection posts shield assets from impact damage caused by shopping carts, pallet jacks and floor cleaning equipment. Our core drilled and surface mount bollards provide heavier duty protection in stores, backroom and warehouse areas where forklifts and pallet jacks are in use.


Store Backroom


General Fixture Protection

For use in a wide variety of applications

Whether your goals are to protect store display and refrigeration cases, backroom fixtures or warehouse assets, our extensive line of posts and bollards can help achieve your objectives. Just a few examples of how our products can be used are shown below.

Need assistance? We can help. Our experienced sales and customer service personnel have dozens of years of real world experience and are available to assist with ideas, options, layouts and answers to your questions.

Use posts and surface mount bollards to protect wall corners and backroom entrances.

DSB surface mount bollards protect equipment and walls. The Watchman warns of collisions between forklifts and overhead doors before they happen.


Protection Posts

Vogue Post


Alvarado Vogue posts protect expensive deli, meat and bakery cases cases from impact damage caused by shopping carts, pallet jacks and hand carts. They are also routinely used to protect doorways between backroom warehouse areas and the retail shopping floor, as well as wall corners and EAS equipment.

The posts are fixed anchored but can be converted into a removable post by employing our REO kit.

Anchoring options:

Vogue posts have a removable top cap allowing posts to be cut to custom heights in the field. Each post comes with a matching base cover to conceal installation anchors.

  • 2.25″ tube diameter | 5.5″ base diameter
  • 35″, 44″ and 48″ heights available
  • Core drilled 35″ posts available
  • 35″ posts available in chrome, stainless steel (satin and mirror finish) and custom powder coat
  • 44″ and 48″ posts available in chrome, mirror stainless steel and custom powder coat


Vogue post anchoring

Standard fixed anchoring option uses four expanding floor anchor bolts (not included)


Zenith post anchoring option

Standard anchoring plus the added support of an all thread rod that extends down the interior of the post into a center expansion anchor.


REO post anchoring option

Makes any Vogue post removable – post inserts into a socket that has been drilled and set into the floor

Space Saver Post

Space Saver posts have a smaller diameter base for applications where floor space is limited. The posts install using an all thread rod that extends from the underside of the top cap down and into a single 1″ diameter center anchor.

  • 2.25″ tube diameter | 3.5″ base diameter
  • Available in 35″ height only
  • Available in chrome, mirror stainless steel and custom powder coat
  • Matching base cover included

Space Saver post anchoring:

Space saver post anchoring

Single 1″ diameter anchor rod that extends down the interior of the post

C Post

The C post is a fixed anchored post that provides heavy-duty protection for store fixtures and equipment.

Intended for use in environments where forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks are used.

  • 3″ tube diameter | 5.5″ base diameter
  • 36″ height
  • Bright chrome finish
  • Welded top cap

C post anchoring:

C post anchoring options

(four expansion anchors) OR (optional REO kit)

LS Post

The LS post is a removable post for use in in areas where post removal is periodically required. The post comes with a socket and socket cap. The post fits into the socket. When the post is removed, the socket cap covers the hole opening.

  • 2″ tube diameter | 5.5″ base diameter
  • 35″ height
  • Satin stainless steel finish

LS post anchoring:

Ls post anchoring

(core drilled – removable)


DSB Bollard


Optional cast iron base cover available

Our surface mount bollard is constructed from heavy gauge tubing and provides superior fixture protection in stores, backrooms and warehouses.

Surface mount bollards are often used to protect walk-in cooler boxes and freezers, electric panels, sinks and any other fixture that require protection from forklift and pallet jack impact.

  • 4.5″ diameter
  • 0.125″ wall thickness
  • 32″ height
  • Powder coat finish in safety yellow, traffic black or signal white

DSB surface mount bollard anchoring:

Posts and bollards for grocery store

(four expansion anchors)

Installation Images
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