Post & Rail

Alvarado’s modular posts and railing can be used to create virtually any railing configuration. Typically they are used for queuing, channeling customers, limiting access to designated store areas, material or merchandise storage, and indoor/outdoor cart corrals.

The benefits of our post and railing systems are substantial. Our posts are offered in double or triple rail combinations and our rails are available in a wide variety of lengths, so they can be easily combined and configured to meet the design requirements of any application. In addition, our simple post and rail construction allows for modifications in the field to be easily rendered, if needed.

Our rail outlets typically come pre-attached to our posts but they can also be purchased and attached separately, allowing for the creation of whatever angles might be required to accommodate a design.

Our post and rail systems are strong and durable, and because they are permanently anchored into the floor (unlike the portability of rope stanchions or retractable belt stanchions), they provide a reliability and sturdiness that are required in high traffic or high impact areas in retail environments.

Alvarado maintains an extensive, in-stock inventory of posts and rails, so they are usually available for immediate shipping. In addition, each post and rail is individually boxed, providing greater product protection and ease of handling. 

Our versatile post and rail systems are a flexible and inexpensive method for channeling and queuing customers, creating indoor/outdoor shopping cart areas, and especially when integrated with Alvarado’s turnstiles and gates, can significantly reduce retail theft.

Vogue Posts

Vogue Posts

Alvarado Vogue posts are our most popular fixed-anchor posts featuring a 2.25" outside diameter and a 5.5" diameter base, and are available in double or triple rail configurations.

Space Saver Posts

Space Saver Posts

Alvarado's Space Saver posts offer the same quality as our Vogue posts, but have a 3.5” diameter base – 2” less than our Vogue line. Not only is valuable floor space saved, but surrounding aesthetics are maintained with minimal impact.



Alvarado railing connects to our Vogue and Space Saver posts to create multiple railing configurations.


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