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Security Revolving Door

The SRD is a standardized, technology-driven, automatic secured revolving door designed to prevent tailgating, piggybacking and other unauthorized entry attempts while maximizing traffic flow. Ideal for unmanned, high-traffic entrances where a higher level of security is required, the SRD integrates easily with any access control system and provides fully automated, touch-free entrance control in an aesthetically pleasing design.


True Aunauthorized Entry Prevention

Unsurpassed facility entrance control

Alvarado’s Security Revolving Door (or SRD) is perfect for areas where a higher level of security is required. By combining advanced sensor technology with true quality craftsmanship, the SRD stands in a class of its own, making it a perfect fit for facilities where security is top priority. Typically installed at employee entry points, common application sites include universities, government facilities, test labs, and data centers.

The SRD can be configured for entry, exit or bidirectional authentication, allowing facilities to track occupancy totals in real-time, so facility mangers can easily see who is in their building at any given moment.

The SRD is also intuitive for users. Once an authorized visitor approaches the door and presents a valid credential to the reader, they can enter the available compartment, at which point the doors begin to rotate automatically, allowing for a seamless entry into the facility with little disruption to throughput rates. In fact, since visitors can enter and exit the lane at the same time, throughput rates for the SRD can reach up to 44 people per minute. Once the lane is clear the door returns to quarter-point and is ready for the next visitor. The SRD also supports card stacking, so visitors don’t need to wait for person ahead of them to enter before they scan their card. The door will allow the same number of rotations as the number of scans that were initially accepted.

The SRD comes in 3 available models that include:
SRD-S2: Bidirectional tailgate prevention and unauthorized entry on exit prevention.
SRD-S3: Same features of the SRD-S2 with the addition of piggyback prevention on entry.
SRD-S4: Same features as the SRD-S3 with the addition of piggyback prevention on exit.

Key Features:

  • Hand welded quality construction.
  • Configurable voice alarms to alert and instruct users.
  • Weather sweeps to eliminate 90% air transfer and provides effective noise reduction.
  • 4 sensors to detect and prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry on exit.
  • 2 available sensors to detect and prevent piggybacking (S3 and S4 models only)
  • Fast lead times and hassle-free installation.
  • Unmanned secured entry solution. No need to hire dedicated security staff.
  • Installed by an AAADM certified dormakaba technician.
  • Field upgradable to S3 or S4
  • Meets all US building code requirements.
  • Customized operational configuration using PAVIS software
  • ADA compliant.

Added Benefits:

  • Potential 2-year ROI.
  • Heating and cooling cost savings. SRD is a sustainable product.
  • No dedicated security staff required. Unmanned operation.
  • Functions bidirectionally for ingress and egress.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Intuitive operation for authorized users.
  • True tailgating, piggyback, and optional pass-back prevention.
  • Ensures complete building code compliance .
  • Provides accurate usage data to visitor management software.
  • Peace of mind, knowing your facility is truly secured.
  • Throughput rates of 22 PPM in each direction.

Secured entry control applications

 Employee and visitor access control | Time and attendance integration | Unattended areas
Data centers | Fufillment centers | Laboratories | Corporate lobbies


Corporate Security


Government Security

Healthcare Security

higher education

Higher Education Security


Simplified integration

Employee Access and Visitor Management

Integrating the SRD into your facility is quick and easy. The SRD integrates with virtually any access control / visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers including biometric. A dedicated fire system input is provided, and passage outputs can be monitored to validate passage after activation, or to provide accurate people counting.

Key Features:

  • Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems
  • Flexible credential reader options allow use of existing readers familiar to users
  • Dedicated fire input and various other available I/O
  • Override controls for operational flexibility
  • Easily change between turnstile passage modes with included OPL-05 Mode Keypad

Safety features you shouldn’t be without

Built-in Safety

  • Fail Safe UPS keeps SRD operational for 30 minutes after loss of power.
  • Doors can be collapsed into a book fold configuration for fast egress during evacuation.
  • A push-to-reverse button is located inside the compartment.
  • Emergency Stop button is located on the exit side of the SRD to disable K9 drive.
  • The SRD can respond to emergencies automatically by integrating into the facility’s life safety systems.


All SRD Models are independently tested and certified by UL, conforming to both UL and CSA standards. All models are CE marked.

Installation Images
Options and More

Additional information

The SRD full height turnstile has many available options, including:

  • 6.5’, 7’, 7.5’, and custom inside diameters available.
  • A set library of available finishes is available. Custom finishes are available.
  • Additional I/O Boards for further facility integration. Up to 11 can be added.
  • LED canopy lights on entry and exit.
  • Solid steel floor grate. Prevents snow, salt, and other debris from entering your facility.
  • Bullet resistant paneling.
  • Secondary authorization inside compartment. Prevents pass-back.
  • Unique customizations are available to meet any facility need.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm – For more information go to

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