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Using motorized pedestrian gates at store entry points are an excellent way to control pedestrian traffic, enhance store operations and reduce theft.

Alvarado adds new camera-based motion detection to motorized retail store access gates

Using motorized pedestrian gates at store entry points controls pedestrian traffic, enhances store operations and reduces theft while meeting public access requirements. Traditional motorized gates, however, use standard off-the-shelf motion and presence detectors which make it very difficult to specifically define detection and presence sensing areas. This results in “dead” areas where detection doesn’t occur, and false or “ghost” openings when objects are detected outside the desired detection zone.

Alvarado’s newly released camera-based technology allows desired detection areas to be targeted, resulting in well-defined detection patterns that provide superior operational results.

“We tried many off-the-shelf products”, said Matt Popielarz, Alvarado’s senior electrical engineer. “But none were flexible enough to easily adapt to the various store designs and applications. So, we developed camera-based technology that provides superior detection and a much more flexible approach for installers,” said Popielarz.

The cameras are integrated into the top of Alvarado’s SW500. The front camera opens the gate when movement is detected from approaching patrons. The rear camera detects the presence of patrons or objects in the gate opening path. If a person or object is detected, the gate will not open until the obstruction is removed.

The gates come pre-configured with settings suitable for most applications. Alvarado also provides a configuration application that allows an installer to define a custom detection area using a laptop, which greatly simplifies the installation process for unique applications.

The SW500 is available as a single gate, or as a tandem gate set which doubles the passage area. The gate has adjustable opening speeds and dwell times and is powered by Alvarado’s intelligent drive system, which provides many operational and safety benefits. The gates come with a metal barrier arm or a clear cast acrylic panel with an abrasion resistant coating. In an emergency the gate will automatically open. If a user attempts to push the gate open from inside the store, the gate alarms and can send an output which can be used to turn on a security camera or illuminate a strategically placed light to notify store personnel.

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