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Alvarado’s library of high quality Revit® files, CAD files and architectural specifications give architects, specifiers and integrators the tools they need to deliver exactly what their clients want.

Please take a look at Alvarado’s extensive line of secured entry control solutions below:

Optical Turnstiles:

SU5000 optical turnstile

[download id=”5027″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6603″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3498″ template=”alvarado”]

SU3500 optical turnstile

[download id=”5039″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6609″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3539″ template=”alvarado”]

SU3000 optical turnstile

[download id=”5037″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6616″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3551″ template=”alvarado”]

SU2000 optical turnstile

[download id=”5040″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6622″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3569″ template=”alvarado”]

Full Height Turnstiles:

MST full height turnstile

[download id=”5044″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3612″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6628″ template=”alvarado”]

MSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5046″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3615″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6631″ template=”alvarado”]

CLST full height turnstile

[download id=”5048″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3762″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6637″ template=”alvarado”]

CLSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5049″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3779″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3776″ template=”alvarado”]

CPST full height turnstile

[download id=”5050″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3799″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3797″ template=”alvarado”]

CPSTT full height tandem turnstile

[download id=”5051″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3810″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3809″ template=”alvarado”]

FMST full height turnstile

[download id=”3824″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6640″ template=”alvarado”]

MST47 full height turnstile

[download id=”5047″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”3745″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6634″ template=”alvarado”]

Waist High Turnstiles:

EDC-E waist high turnstile

[download id=”5066″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6649″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6643″ template=”alvarado”]

EDC-BN waist high turnstile

[download id=”6049″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6655″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6646″ template=”alvarado”]

EDM motorized turnstiles

[download id=”6685″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6104″ template=”alvarado”]

[download id=”6687″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6108″ template=”alvarado”]

Pedestrian Security Gates:

MSG pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5077″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6664″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6694″ template=”alvarado”]

VSG pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5079″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”4532″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6670″ template=”alvarado”]

SW1000 pedestrian security gate

[download id=”5080″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”6672″ template=”alvarado”]
[download id=”4082″ template=”alvarado”]

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