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The flexibility of Alvarado’s DirectConnect API makes communication between ticketing software providers and Alvarado products a true plug and play option.

The flexibility of Alvarado’s DirectConnect API makes communication between ticketing software providers and Alvarado products a true plug and play option.

Vivaticket S.p.A, headquartered in Bologna, Italy, organizes and manages ticketed access control into live event and attractions venues. With twenty years of experience, they rely on innovative technological solutions to offer a wide range of services to support any event. Their US division, Vivaticket Inc. is an established player in the North American sector, supporting the organizers of ticketed events across the region.

As attendance for ticketed events continues to climb, venues have begun moving away from individual ticket-takers, in favor of faster, guest self-scanning admission solutions. By giving guests the freedom to scan their own tickets using their preferred media type (RFID/NFC, printed, or digital barcodes) venues can speed up the entry process without the need for additional staff, while freeing existing staff to focus their energy on guest services.

To effectively meet industry demand, Vivaticket knew it needed to find an out-of-the-box hardware solution that could seamlessly integrate with their ticketing software. Many admission hardware solutions require additional servers to facilitate communication between their hardware and the venue’s chosen ticketing software. In addition to being less secure than direct communication, additional servers often require custom software modifications and in-depth staff training, leading to a much slower and more costly deployment.

This is when Vivaticket discovered Alvarado’s line of intelligent admission devices. With Alvarado’s available DirectConnect API protocol, Vivaticket’s ticketing software is able to communicate directly with installed admission devices—saving the venue valuable time and money during installation and deployment. Alvarado’s DirectConnect API is available with any Alvarado admission device and offers:

  • Easy-to-follow code in both C# and Java
  • Fast deployment and simplified operation
  • Straight forward integration for ticket validation
  • Offline validation if Wi-Fi connection is interrupted
  • Onsite support and training for new venues

In recent years Vivaticket has partnered with Alvarado on numerous installations for a variety of venues including theaters, museums, and amusement parks. Alvarado’s wide selection of Wi-Fi enabled admission devicesincluding portable or fixed-installed pedestals, turnstiles, and barriers gatesprovide venues the flexibility to choose the right solution for each location and gives ticketing software providers, like Vivaticket, a viable recommendation for hassle-free deployment.

“Alvarado has been a great partner with Vivaticket.  After several partnership installations we are pleased with the support and performance of Alvarado’s products.  Alvarado’s API works seamlessly with Vivaticket, offering our clients a wide product selection and a great experience.” – Scott Sauls, Deputy Chief of Sales, Vivaticket Inc.

Why Alvarado?

For over 65 years, customers have trusted Alvarado and our U.S.-manufactured products to protect their assets and control the flow of people. Our customized and advanced solutions are found at Fortune 500 companies, iconic sporting events, popular entertainment facilities, major distribution warehouses, and more, providing the safety, guidance, and experience your employees and guests deserve.

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