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Temperature Checks and Mask Detection Part of Touch-free Environment for Nearly 2,000 Employees

Temperature Checks and Mask Detection Part of Touch-free Environment for Nearly 2,000 Employees

The Problem

A large food packing company* in Midwest America needed to enable nearly 2,000 employees to enter and exit their plant via a single entrance several times in a 24-hour period with each individual taking three-to-five seconds per entry. They wanted a touch-free experience that included integrating temperature checks and access control – including mask detection – with specific technologies. The company estimated that the security devices could see 6,000-8,000 scans per day. Integrated Security Solutions, LLC (ISS) of Nebraska, met those challenges with a creative, integrated solution.

The Integrator

ISS is a true turnkey supplier of all security and life safety systems to the Midwest and beyond. They specialize in identifying potential vulnerabilities and creating security solutions that protect their clients.

According to Trey Parsons, ISS Co-Owner, the customer came to them during the height of the COVID pandemic. They were already using a full height turnstile solution for secured entry, but it wasn’t robust enough to support integrated temperature monitoring hardware that allowed the existing guard the ability to quickly grant access to employees with fevers and send them directly to the nurse’s station without greatly decreasing throughput rates. The system also needed to quickly grant access to employees who passed the temperature test and give digitally generated “mask reminders” to employees who were not wearing a mask upon entry.

The Solution

ISS chose the Alvarado SU3000 optical drop-arm turnstile and integrated it with a Richtech temperature monitor and Openpath access control technology. The installation includes a 4-lane set of lanes with three lanes dedicated to secured entry that require the use of credentials to operate and one lane reserved as an open exit that does not require credentials.

As a warehouse employee approaches one the turnstile entry lanes, both temperature and mask detection are instantly monitored using temperature sensors and facial recognition software. Once a temperature is detected within the normal range the facial recognition software is used to verify that the employee is currently wearing a face mask. If no face mask is detected the employee is given a digital reminder to wear a mask within the facility via a visible LED screen. After temperature and mask verification has been completed, the card reader is enabled, and the employee is instructed to present their RFID badge to the scan plate for authorized entry. After validation, the turnstile allows a single entry—triggering an alarm if a unauthorize user attempts to walk through the lane behind an authorized employee without completing the necessary steps. The process takes less than 4 seconds from start to finish.

If an abnormal temperature is detected, the security guard then scans the employee through the designated exit lane using a specially integrated RFID card that allows a single entry in the entry direction without triggering any “wrong way” alarms. The employee is then sent directly to the health station through a designated lane for treatment. The three entrance lanes are also set for free egress to be used during breaks and at the end of shifts when large amounts of employees are exiting the facility at once. Like the designated exit lane, the entry lanes are also equipped with “wrong way” sensors that will activate if an attempt is made to admit an unauthorized person into the facility by opening a lane from the exit side. These lanes can be field upgraded in the future to require scans for egress if desired. That way, the packing company can have a report of who is inside the building if they haven’t exited already. These lanes are also integrated into the facility’s life safety systems, so if the fire alarm is activated or there is a loss of power all lanes are released to allow free egress out of the building.

The Outcome

“Anytime turnstiles and access controls come together there is the potential to cause an interruption in normal day-to-day ingress and egress,” said Parsons. “Given the multiple languages spoken on site, the new policy due to COVID, the integration of new equipment, and the number of people arriving for shifts in a single timeframe, this project required proven technology solutions and responsive partners. With the clean design and self-descriptive labels and notifications on all equipment, implementation was easy and was minimally disruptive.”

Parsons added that the solution was engineered to the precise floor plan of his customer and met ADA compliance requirements. In short, the system is working, employee throughput remains in the three-to-five second timeframe, and health and safety monitoring is achieved.

“Alvarado is a proven solution for us,” said Parsons. “The supplier’s quality of materials, engineering, details in the design process through installation and service are in a class of their own. Commercial, industrial, healthcare, and higher education facilities are a big part of our integrations and Alvarado is our partner of choice.”

*Note: The food packing company has given permission to share this story but has requested not to be identified.

Why Alvarado?

For over 65 years, customers have trusted Alvarado and our U.S.-manufactured products to protect their assets and control the flow of people. Our customized and advanced solutions are found at Fortune 500 companies, iconic sporting events, popular entertainment facilities, major distribution warehouses, and more, providing the safety, guidance, and experience your employees and guests deserve.

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