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Alvarado and NextGen Partner to Provide an Added Layer of Security for CTDI’s Warehouses

Alvarado and NextGen Partner to Provide an Added Layer of Security for CTDI’s Warehouses

The Problem

CTDI is a is a full-service, global engineering, repair, and logistics company with warehouses worldwide. Due to the nature of the business, CTDI limits access to their warehouses using secured entry control solutions. Historically these solutions have involved an integrated RFID card reader installed next the door leading into the facility. After passing through the door, employees then enter a pre-screening area, place their personal effects in lockers, and pass through a metal detector before entering the warehouse floor. While this solution helped to reduce instances of employee theft, its effectiveness as a true secured entry control solution was hampered by its inability to prevent tailgating; meaning unauthorized visitors were able to gain access into the facility by simply following authorized employees through the door after the employee scanned their credentials. Another issue with this setup was that it required the on-site security guard to split their attention between the door and the metal detector, creating additional opportunities for breach attempts to occur.

In 2017, as CTDI began the buildout for their newest warehouse location in Rialto, CA, they began looking into better options for their secured entry solution. A solution that could effectively validate each employee as they entered and exited the warehouse, help mitigate employee theft, prevent tailgating, free up guard staff, and still be streamlined enough for employees to enter and exit the warehouse quickly. That’s when CTDI made the decision to contacted NextGen Security, LLC. for assistance.

The Integrator

NextGen Security, LLC is an integrated physical and electronic security provider specializing in solutions for regulated entities and facilities in key vertical markets nationwide.

Jeffery Krystopa, Senior Account Manager at NextGen, was approached by CTDI and presented with the problem. He knew that the new solution would need to be robust enough to prevent tailgating attempts, but fast enough to move every scheduled warehouse employee in and out of the facility multiple times each day. The system would also need to work with CTDI’s existing card readers and visitor management system.

The Solution

Bidirectional CPSTT Installed at main employee entrance to CTDI’s warhouse in Rialto, CA.

NextGen chose the Alvarado CPSTT full height tandem turnstile. The CPSTT includes 2 tandem lanes that take up 26% less space than 2 separate full height lanes. Its clear side panels and barrier arms give it a more refined look when compared to other full heights in its class and provides clear sight lines for security personnel. The CPSTT also comes equipped with bi-directional scan plates, self-centering barrier arms, and integrates with virtually any visitor management system, including CTDI’s Genetec visitor management software. But most importantly, the CPSTT effectively prevents tailgating. Once a person scans and walks through one of the CPSTT’s compartments, the rotation locks to prevent any additional passages, making it impossible for unauthorized visitors to sneak in behind authorized employees.

For CTDI’s application the CPSTT was configured for card-in card out operation; meaning a valid credential must be presented both when entering and exiting the warehouse. This allows for the visitor management system to maintain a real-time headcount of current on-site employees; ensuring that CTDI knows exactly who is in their warehouse at any given time.

The Outcome

With the CPSTT installed, unauthorized visitors are no longer able to sneak in behind authorized employees and the guards can now devote their full attention to the metal detectors—effectively preventing theft attempts—while the solution’s ease of use allows employees to enter the building quickly for the start of their shift.

The success of this project has led to an ongoing relationship between CTDI, NextGen and Alvarado.  Since the initial installation, CTDI has worked with NextGen to install an additional CPST at the Rialto warehouse as well as CPST and CPSTT installations at warehouses in Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

Bidirectional CPSTT Installed at employee breakroom entrance in Jeffersonville, IN.

“We have been using Alvarado [products] for many years now with absolute success! We needed a solution to secure our entryways while still getting an aesthetically pleasing look for our employees and visitors; the CPSTT did the trick! A secure solution that employees and visitors can enjoy seeing every day is a win in my book. The quality of these turnstiles is second to none! The CPSTT has surely become my first pick when creating new security buildouts and updating existing buildings. I can also appreciate the CPSTT being assembled right here in the United States!” —  Brandon Michaels, Corporate Security Manager, CTDI

Krystopa is confident this is just the beginning of his relationship with CTDI and Alvarado. He has recently been discussing future warehouse installations with Michaels.

“As an integrator, it is not always easy to create lasting relationships with our manufacturers. Alvarado has shown time and time again that they are a company built on integrity, customer service, and superior engineering. From conception to project delivery, Alvarado supports us at every step with creative solutions to unique security needs. We feel the utmost confidence going to market with Alvarado products and services.” – Jeffrey Krystopa, Senior Account manager, NextGen Security

Why Alvarado?

For over 65 years, customers have trusted Alvarado and our U.S.-manufactured products to protect their assets and control the flow of people. Our customized and advanced solutions are found at Fortune 500 companies, iconic sporting events, popular entertainment facilities, major distribution warehouses, and more, providing the safety, guidance, and experience your employees and guests deserve.

Contact us at 909-591-8431 or [email protected] and let us answer your questions and assist you with your design layout.

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