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Why Choose Alvarado?

When it comes to protecting assets and controlling the flow of people, nobody beats Alvarado. We have been designing and manufacturing reliable and affordable solutions for over half a century, and throughout our history the blueprint for success has remained simple and unchanged ... provide high quality products designed for years of trouble-free service.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges our clients face and our experienced staff understands that our products may not be something customers deal with often. We routinely assist with product selection, plan review and site inspections.

Architects and specifiers choose Alvarado because we have a wide selection of products that look great and work flawlessly. Our products can be customized to blend with specific installation sites, we have readily accessible CAD files and specifications, and we can provide custom drawings as needed.

Integrators and dealers choose Alvarado because we’re a good partner. We provide great sales support and understand the importance of a skilled dealer network. Our products are easy to install, include superior documentation and we back it all with knowledgeable and responsive technical support.

End users love our long history of expertise and the continuity over half a century in business provides. They understand we’re not part of a slow moving, multinational conglomerate or some forgotten division of a big, bureaucratic organization. We’re a uniquely American business that hires the right people, trains them to focus on customer needs and enables them to act in the best interests of our customers.


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