Protecting assets and controlling the flow of people

Alvarado provides products and solutions that protect assets and control the flow of people. Founded in 1956, Alvarado is a privately held, manufacturing and systems solution firm located in the Los Angeles area. We are about a 20 minute drive from the Ontario, CA airport.

We design and manufacture products such as full height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, waist high turnstiles, pedestrian gates, modular post and railing and fixture protection equipment. We also provide world-class facility gate admission, membership/loyalty and stored value systems for professional sports teams, major colleges, theme and amusement parks and other entertainment venues.

Alvarado is an innovative American company focused on meeting customer needs. Knowledgeable sales and service personnel are available to discuss your specific requirements, and we provide responsive after-sale support. A modern manufacturing facility, unmatched quality, expertise and support are just a few reasons that many of the world's most respected companies use our products again and again.

Secured Entry Control

Secured Entry Control

Nobody knows turnstiles like Alvarado. We have been manufacturing turnstiles for secured entry and access control applications for over half a century and we have thousands of turnstile and gate installations world-wide. Whether you are looking for optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, waist high turnstiles or pedestrian gates, Alvarado has the product to meet your physical access control requirements.

Our turnstile and gate products will integrate with virtually any access control system. Our website has detailed information, specifications and drawings on our optical turnstile, full height turnstile, waist high turnstile and pedestrian gate products. In addition, our knowledgeable sales and customer support staff assists customers to find the best turnstile and access solution for their entrance security and access control needs. Find out why our full height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, waist high turnstiles and pedestrian gates are specified and used by top architects, integrators and end users around the world.

Gate Admission Solutions

Gate Admission Solutions

Partnering with Alvarado is a smart choice.

For ticketing partners, our products, expertise and integrated solutions allow you to implement a world-class access system immediately. We are at the forefront of innovation and offer comprehensive solutions that eliminate consistently problematic areas for our ticketing partners, including access control software development, and hardware solutions and integration. Our software is feature rich, continually updated and robust. Our hardware is precisely engineered and recognized globally for quality and reliability. Together our solution supports the latest ticketing trends and initiatives. Finally, there are the intangible benefits of partnering with Alvarado - excellent technical support and our years of experience and expertise in the areas of gate control layout and operations.

For end users and specifiers, Alvarado is a reliable vendor partner. We've been in business nearly 60 years; we're well run, we provide excellent support and most people think we're pretty easy to deal with. Just as importantly, we are "ticketing agnostic". Our system is designed to integrate to third party systems and we have integrations with dozens of ticketing companies. This means that whatever ticketing provider you select, your investment in Alvarado equipment is safe. This allows end users the flexibility to evaluate new system options with the comfort of knowing the Alvarado products will seamlessly operate with whatever system is selected.




VenueView360 is an industry leading scalable platform that allows venues and organizations to offer cutting-edge stored value, membership and loyalty programs that build patron loyalty and generate revenue for sponsors. VenueView360 integrates with ticketing, in-venue POS, CRM and Alvarado's GateLink10 admission system, intelligent turnstiles and mobile handhelds.

Our platform and licensing program is modular. You can start with an individual program, such as stored value, and add functionality as you grow the program over time; or utilize our comprehensive feature suite immediately.

VenueView360 Website

Queuing and Public Entry

Queuing and Public Entry

Alvarado's queuing and public entry products provide inexpensive crowd control and queuing solutions. They are also highly effective tools to reduce the seriously problematic issue of shoplifting in retail stores.

For crowd control and line management purposes, our modular post and rail, turnstiles, pedestrian gates, retractable belt stanchions and portable posts and ropes can be used individually or combined to create a queue line. Our products maintain an orderly patron flow and provide organized queue lines at locations such as ticket windows, waiting areas and customer service desks.

In grocery and retail stores shoplifting is a massive problem. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, there are 550,000 shoplifting incidents and $35 million in losses on a daily basis.

Our customers are continually amazed at how effective our modular post and rail, turnstiles and pedestrian gates are at controlling product shrink. Our products channel shopper flow so that patrons are required to exit adjacent to cashier aisles or customer service areas, providing a substantial deterrence to shoplifters.

Let our experts demonstrate how Alvarado's queuing and public entry products can provide positive solutions in your loss prevention strategy. Contact us with your issues. Our experienced staff is available to consult on specific equipment applications and to provide design layout assistance.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

In any grocery store or retail store environment where shopping carts are in heavy use, or where warehouse operations routinely employ forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand carts and trucks, protecting valuable and expensive assets from damage is of paramount importance.

Alvarado offers a complete line of fixture and asset protection equipment. In grocery and retail storefront areas, our case guards, floor-mounted bumper systems, case protectors and posts are an inexpensive and highly effective method of protecting fixtures, cases and doors.

To protect backroom and warehouse equipment, we offer a full selection of bollards, posts and the patented Watchman Forklift Collision Avoidance System. The Watchman can save users thousands of dollars in costly overhead door and fixture repairs while also reducing costly worker compensation claims.

We know how to protect your sales and backroom areas and how to prevent damage in high impact zones. By investing in proper protection, you can realize substantial savings on operational, maintenance and replacement costs.

Contact Alvarado's knowledgeable staff to determine the best solutions in fixture and asset protection for your facility.


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