Fast, easy, reliable ticket scanning

Contactless, Self-Scanning Solutions

Our portfolio of access control solutions includes turnstiles, pedestals and suite scanners that allow guests to self-scan any type of printed or digital media.

Intelligent Admission Turnstiles
Secure access control for all types of entry applications. Available options include seat locator printer, exit scanner, drop arm and portable configurations.

Intelligent Admission Pedestals
Flexible barrier-free pedestals for indoor and outdoor environments – portable options feature rechargeable battery and wireless communication.

Suite Access Scanners
Wall mounted PoE scanners validate printed and digital bar coded credentials and unlocks the adjacent door when a valid credential is presented.

Validate all types of media including 1D/2D barcodes, RFID, smart phones and wristbands.

Superior digital scanning improves throughput and customer experience.

Self-scanning frees ticket takers to perform valuable customer service functions.

Proven integration with all leading ticketing system providers.

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