Continuing to deliver the quality and performance you expect from Alvarado products

Updates to Secured Entry Control Products:

Updates include:

Enhanced SU5000 Optical Turnstile Detection Capabilities:

The outstanding tailgating detection capability of the SU5000 has been enhanced to further decrease false alarms caused by users carrying packages, backpacks or other items through the turnstile. Contact Alvarado for more information.

Web-enabled GateKeeper Control and Monitoring Software for Alvarado Optical Turnstiles:

A web-enabled version of our GateKeeper monitoring and control software will be released February 2016.

This new version allows control and monitoring of Alvarado optical turnstiles using a PC, tablet or smart phone. GateKeeper allows authorized personnel to change configurations and provide override activations for special circumstances such as visitors and deliveries. Passage directions can also be changed (and individual turnstiles opened or closed) at pre-defined times to increase passage flow or heighten security during busy or slow periods.

In addition to being web-enabled, the new GateKeeper version includes a more intuitive user-friendly interface.

Updates to Asset Protection Products:

Updates include:

The impact detection capabilities of the Watchman low clearance alarm bar have been improved, making this already outstanding safety device more effective at avoiding collisions involving forklifts and overhead doors or fixtures.

Updates include:

Our CB floor bumpers are now available with a galvanized finish to provide added durability and protection against corrosion, rust, and scratches.