Alvarado provides high-security employee access for grow ops and easy-to-use secured entry solutions for dispensaries.


Alvarado’s line of fully-welded full-height turnstiles can be utilized to create temporary access points within a site’s perimeter.

Retail & Grocery

Alvarado offers a wide array of solutions to direct pedestrian traffic and protect in-store and backroom fixtures and equipment.

General Admission

Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices offer the ability to manage single, group and season pass ticket holders in general admission facilities.

Stadiums & Arenas

Alvarado offers world-class self-validation admission solutions and supports plug-and-play integration with all major ticketing companies.


In government buildings or at military checkpoints, Alvarado has decades of experience meeting high-level access control requirements.


Whether controlling access at the perimeter or protecting assets and overhead doors from forklift damage, Alvarado has the right solution.


Monitor and manage student, staff, and visitor access throughout campus facilities including recreation centers and student housing.


Our solutions integrate easily with visitor & recreation management software, allowing seamless member check-in and access.


Alvarado offers solutions that protect assets and securely manage the flow of staff, visitors and patients throughout medical facilities.


From lobbies to elevator banks, Alvarado solutions provide a superior combination of security, safety, and aesthetics in corporate environments.