Rope Stanchion

Rope stanchions and decorative ropes are a classic method of queuing patrons and segmenting off-limits areas.

Quick Queue

Quick Queue retractable belt stanchions have four-way attachment points and various options for colors and belt lengths.    

Post & Rail

Highly flexible modular post and rail system is used to create indoor shopping cart corrals, segment areas and control patron…


The SLT is a rugged, cost-effective turnstile used to provide crowd control and patron counting; fixed installed or portable

W Turnstile

Three-arm crowd control turnstile with a compact installation footprint is an excellent choice for applications where installation space is limited.…

GST Turnstile

Crowd control turnstile rotates in one direction to provide entry access or exit control; curved arms provide added security.  …

MT Turnstile

Alvarado’s industry standard crowd control turnstile rotates in one direction, providing entry or exit control in all types of applications.…

VSG Gate

Hydraulically dampened, self-closing; provides one way passage. Also available with an electric lock option on non-manual models.    

GDO Gate

This self-closing double gate set opens in a single direction; often used to control shopping cart access in grocery and…

LGB Gate

This versatile latching gate opens in one direction, and stays open, until manually closed. The open direction is set during…

CSG & SSG Gate

Self-closing pedestrian gate has a chrome or stainless steel finish and can be field configured to swing in one direction or…

CFG Gate

Provides patron entry and/or exit control. Can be configured in the field to open in one direction or bi-directionally

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