VSG Gate

Hydraulically dampened, self-closing; provides one way passage. Also available with an electric lock option on non-manual models.    


Guest entry control software for entertainment facilities. Installed in hundreds of venues worldwide.


An interface that allows direct communication between third-party systems and our intelligent devices.

Add-On Terminal

Intelligent access control scanning device that integrates with third party turnstiles.  

Smart Validation

Android platform industrial grade handheld validates barcodes and RFID / NFC credentials.

Entry Turnstiles

Intelligent motorized admission waist high turnstiles for sports and entertainment venues.

Entry Pedestals

Barrier free intelligent access control pedestals for areas where physical security is not needed.    

Suite Access

Wall mounted terminal validates bar code and RFID / NFC credentials and unlocks private suite doors.    

Portable Pedestal

Battery powered pedestal that allows users to self-scan bar code and RFID / NFC credentials.    

Compact Turnstile

The UltraQ-AMT is our most compact motorized turnstile driven by the most advanced validation terminal.

Touchless Entry

The IntraQ-SU5000 provides the latest in access technology for sports and entertainment venues.