Chumash Casino’s security director had been searching for a forklift collision avoidance system for nearly five years to no avail. Forklifts go through the three-story Casino’s basement storage area at least 50 times a day delivering equipment and supplies for the concerts…Read More

Chumash Casino Hits Jackpot with the Watchman |  Who said Asset Protection Needs to Look Rugged?  |  Alvarado Helps Albertsons Reduce Shoplifting | Upcoming Events.

Protect Store Interiors From Costly Impact Damage

Impacts from shopping carts, stocking equipment and floor cleaners can cause costly damage and make store interiors look worn and dated. Our products are inexpensive, look great, and provide superior protection…Read More

Alvarado Helps Albertsons to Reduce Shoplifting?

SuperValu is the third largest grocery retailer in the United States, operating store brands such as Star Market, Jewel-Osco and Albertsons. One of its Albertsons grocery stores in Washington was experiencing a high rate of theft…Read More

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