PocketGate mobile ticket validation

Mobile terminal for intelligent admission control

For over 20 years, venues worldwide have relied on Alvarado’s intelligent admission solutions to provide automated entrance control at sports and entertainment venues. Working in concert with our industry standard GateLink10 software, the PocketGate-MVT is a portable mobile terminal that allows attendants to validate entry credentials and provide customer service functions. Providing excellent scanning performance and advanced wireless connectivity options, PocketGate-MVT provides excellent flexibility and versatility for all types of applications.

Mobile ticket validation application

Mobile validation terminal applications

Access control and gate admissions for stadiums and arenas

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Access control and gate admissions for amusement and theme parks

Theme and Water Parks

Access control and gate admissions for zoos, aquariums and museums

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

Access control and gate admissions for multipurpose facilities

Multipurpose Facilities

Access control and gate admissions for speedways

Speedways and Raceways

Access control and gate admissions for ferries

Ferry Operators

Advantages for venues

The PocketGate-MVT is one of several intelligent admission products that we offer. All of our intelligent admission products integrate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission control software.

The PocketGate-MVT mobile validation terminal is a highly flexible device that provides several capabilities to users. The terminal allows attendants to validate entry credentials, and provide entry, exit and reentry control in applications where patrons are allowed to exit and reenter the facility. The terminals also provide immediate line busting capabilities during busy entry times and functionality that assists with customer service requirements.

Interaction with the validation terminal is intuitive for attendants. When the terminal is started it dynamically locates the venue and gate, eliminating the need for dedicating devices to a particular facility or gate in order to obtain detailed reporting. The bright touchscreen display and audio provides clear instructions to attendants.

In addition to validating printed and digital barcodes, there are options to validate additional types of credentials and a bluetooth printer can also be integrated for the printing of receipts and coupons.

Alvarado takes a hands on approach to projects and you benefit from our expertise and years of experience. We will help with layout and product placement, provide operational recommendations and work with you to achieve solutions for the unique aspects of your application.

Added Benefits:

  • User friendly interface for attendants
  • Wireless access control
  • Excellent for “line busting” and other customer service functions
  • Increased entry throughput
  • Validates all types of 1D/2D barcodes, including wristbands
  • Options to validate other types of credentials including magnetic stripe and RFID
  • Bluetooth printer option (Zebra model RW420) to print seat locators, receipts, or coupons as part of the admission process
  • Integrates with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software

What’s included:

  • Handheld mobile validation terminal (Motorola MC55)
  • Built-in 1D/2D barcode imager, touchscreen display, numeric keypad, audio and visual signals
  • Seamless operation with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software
  • Wireless connectivity (802.11 a, b-g)

Partner benefits

No one knows more about intelligent entry control than Alvarado. Our suite of intelligent admission products provide robust solutions for all types of venues and applications. All our products operate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software. We have easy to follow APIs and we’re willing to customize integration for select partners.

We manufacture and support our equipment and systems and provide competent layout, configuration and training services. Let us show you why working with Alvarado is a smart choice.

Benefits of working with Alvarado:

  • Simple, straightforward integrations
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the market
  • Support and experience working with all media types
  • Real-time and offline controls
  • Robust designs that require minimal maintenance
  • Consultative services to assist with layout, throughput requirements and special needs entry needs
  • Responsive, collaborative, support



Bar code validation solution
Scan printed and digital barcodes, including wristbands


All Media Capable
Options to validate RFID, magnetic stripe (including US driver’s licenses), Passbook and more


Intuitive Operation
User friendly interface for attendants


Flexible and Cost Effective
Mobile validation terminals provide the most flexible and cost effective way to control entry and improve the guest experience


Numerous Options Available
Options include bluetooth printer (Zebra model RW420), chargers, batteries and other accessories

Real integration with any ticketing system

Using GateLink10 – Alvarado’s GateLink10 is integrated with dozens of ticketing providers. Our proven admission platform is used at hundreds of facilities worldwide. GateLink10 users benefit from ongoing product enhancements driven by our large installation base.

Product downloads

Sports and Entertainment Access Control Solutions Catalog

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Access Control Solutions Catalog


Access Control Solutions Catalog


Visit our Resources page for drawings, manuals and application photos.

Additional Information

Other Intelligent Admission Devices and Entry Gates

In addition to our PocketGate-MVT, we offer a wide assortment of additional gate admission devices. While the PocketGate-MVT is an excellent solution for disabled or stroller entry, Alvarado also offers other disabled and stroller entry solutions.

Other Software Applications

Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices operate in conjunction with our GateLink10 server based admission software. Alvarado also offers the following server based software products:

  • For venues interested in patron counting, GateWatch patron counting software provides real time and in venue counts and a historic database of entry and exit activity.

The PocketGate-MVT has several available options, including:

  • Magnetic stripe or RFID validation
  • Bluetooth printer
  • Chargers and various other accessories

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