Intelligent admission turnstile for automated access control

TAS12-EDC is an electrically locking admission turnstile that allows patrons to self-scan entry credentials. The TAS12-EDC validates all types of physical or digital media, including 1D / 2D barcodes and RFID. Integrated high-speed kiosk printers are also available to instantly print tickets or seat locator slips right at the gate.

Gate admission turnstile applications

Access control and gate admissions for stadiums and arenas

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Access control and gate admissions for amusement and theme parks

Theme and Water Parks

Access control and gate admissions for zoos, aquariums and museums

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

Access control and gate admissions for multipurpose facilities

Multipurpose Facilities

Access control and gate admissions for speedways

Speedways and Raceways

Access control and gate admissions for ferries

Ferry Operators

A great patron experience

Advantages for venues

The TAS12-EDC is one of several intelligent admission products that we offer. All of our intelligent admission products integrate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission control software. We also offer a DirectConnect API, which allows 3rd party systems to integrate to our devices using easily implemented web service protocols.

The TAS12-EDC is an electrically locking turnstile that allows patrons to self-validate entry credentials. This frees ticket takers to monitor multiple devices, and perform valuable customer service functions such as greeting patrons.

Interaction with the turnstile is intuitive for users. A bright color TFT touchscreen display provides clear visual instructions to patrons. The screen can also be used to generate revenue through on screen advertising. LED’s on the rear of the device notify attendants of presented credential status (good/bad), and identify when specialty tickets, such as a child, senior or VIP, are presented.  The turnstile supports many other admission functionality options most of which are conveniently controlled and implemented from the GateLink server.


What’s included with each TAS12 turnstile model:

All TAS12-EDC models come with color touchscreen displays and 1D/2D barcode imagers that quickly scan printed and digital barcodes in all types of environments. Integrated high-speed printers and additional display/scanning devices can also be added (for entry/exit scanning or attendant assisted entry applications). See table below for overview of the available turnstile variations.

  • Guest Facing Display for Entry

  • Second Guest Facing Display for Exit

  • Guest Facing Display and Attendant Display

  • Integrated High-Speed Printer

  • Single Direction Entry

  • no
  • Entry/Exit Validation

  • no
  • Single Direction Entry and Printing

  • no
  • Entry/Exit Validation and Printing

  • no
  • Attendant Assisted Entry

  • no
  • Attendant Assisted Entry and Printing

  • no


Factory prepped for future upgrade (optional)

Cannot be added

Plug and play for partners

Partner benefits

No one knows more about intelligent entry control than Alvarado. Our suite of intelligent admission products provide robust solutions for all types of venues and applications. All our products operate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software. We also offer API’s to allow 3rd party systems to integrate directly to our admission devices. We’re willing to customize integration for select partners.

We manufacture and support our equipment and systems and provide competent layout, configuration and training services. Let us show you why working with Alvarado is a smart choice.

Benefits of working with Alvarado:

  • Simple, straightforward integrations
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the market
  • Support and experience working with all media types
  • Mobile scanning expertise
  • Real-time and offline controls
  • Robust designs that require minimal maintenance
  • Consultative services to assist with layout, throughput requirements and special needs entry needs
  • Responsive, collaborative, support


Electric Lock Control
Entry rotation direction is electric lock controlled, while opposite direction can be field configured to be locked or provide free passage

Media Validation
Validates all types of 1D/2D printed and digital (mobile phone) barcodes, including wristbands; option to add other media readers

Fast Entry Throughput
Intuitive for guests; highly responsive validation – can accommodate 20 to 30 entries per minute

Bright TFT Display
Color display provides visual instructions for guests; touchscreen interface allows operator to access administrator functions

Attendant Notification
LED lights on the rear of the device notify attendants of presented credential status

Custom Graphics/Audio
Allows customized screen graphics and sound files to be associated with presented credential status

Easily Upgradeable
Modular design allows field installation of additional media readers and other components

Server Communication
TCP/IP based via wired or optional wireless communication

Real integration with any ticketing system

There are two ways to integrate with Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices:

Using GateLink10 – Alvarado’s GateLink10 is integrated with dozens of ticketing providers. Our proven admission platform is used at hundreds of facilities worldwide. GateLink10 users benefit from ongoing product enhancements driven by our large installation base.

Using Alvarado’s DirectConnect APIDirectConnect API allows Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices to communicate directly with third-party systems. The API provides clear, easily implemented web service protocols that support real-time validation of all types of media and enable printing of seat locator slips, receipts or coupons during the entry process.

Product downloads

TAS12-EDC Datasheet


TAS12P-EDC Datasheet


TAS12-EDC / TAS12P-EDC Descriptive Specifications


Dual TAS12-EDC / Dual TAS12P-EDC Descriptive Specifications


Dual TAS12AA-EDC / Dual TAS12PAA-EDC Descriptive Specifications


TAS12-EDC Architectural Specifications


TAS12P-EDC Architectural Specifications


Dual TAS12-EDC Architectural Specifications


Dual TAS12P-EDC Architectural Specifications


Dual TAS12AA-EDC Architectural Specifications


Dual TAS12PAA-EDC Architectural Specifications


Sports and Entertainment
Access Control Solutions Catalog

Download a printable PDF

Access Control Solutions Catalog


Access Control Solutions Catalog


Visit our Resources page for drawings, manuals and application photos.

Additional Information

Other Intelligent Admission Devices and Entry Gates

In addition to our TAS12-EDC, we offer a wide assortment of additional gate admission devices, including solutions for disabled and stroller entry. 

Other Software Applications

Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices operate in conjunction with our GateLink10 admission software. Alvarado also offers the following software products:

  • For venues interested in patron counting, GateWatch patron counting software provides real time and in venue counts and a historic database of entry and exit activity.

TAS12-EDC turnstiles have several available options, including:

  • Wi-Fi communication (802.11a,b/n)
  • Portable base with AC outlet or battery power*
  • Various operational modes
  • Digital rotation counter installed in cabinet
  • Drop arm – horizontal arm drops on loss of power

*Battery power not available with drop arm option or on Dual TAS12P

Field upgradeable to allow the addition of the following:



  1. Second display/scanning device for entry/exit scanning or attendant assisted entry applications
  2. Additional types of readers in entry and exit direction


Dual TAS12-EDC / Dual TAS12P-EDC

  1. Optional modes that enable attendant assisted entry applications
  2. Additional types of readers in entry and exit direction



  1. Additional types of readers in entry and exit direction

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