Barrier free gate admission station

Intelligent admission station for barrier-free access control

For over 20 years, venues worldwide have relied on Alvarado’s intelligent admission solutions to provide automated entrance control at sports and entertainment venues. Working in concert with our industry standard GateLink10 software, the compact TAS12-AS1 is a barrier free intelligent gate admission station that allows patrons to self-validate entry credentials.

Gate admission station installation with printer

Gate admission station applications

Access control and gate admissions for stadiums and arenas

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Access control and gate admissions for amusement and theme parks

Theme and Water Parks

Access control and gate admissions for zoos, aquariums and museums

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

Access control and gate admissions for multipurpose facilities

Multipurpose Facilities

Access control and gate admissions for speedways

Speedways and Raceways

Access control and gate admissions for ferries

Ferry Operators

A great patron experience

Advantages for venues

The TAS12-AS1 is one of several intelligent admission products that we offer. All of our intelligent admission products integrate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission control software.

The TAS12-AS1 is a pedestal solution that allows patrons to self-validate entry credentials. This frees ticket takers to monitor multiple lanes, and perform valuable customer service functions such as greeting patrons.

Interaction with the TAS12-AS1 is intuitive for users. A bright color TFT touchscreen display provides clear visual instructions to patrons. The screen can also be used to generate revenue through on screen advertising. LEDs on the rear of the device notify attendants of presented credential status (good/bad), and identify when specialty tickets, such as a child, senior or VIP, are presented. The TAS12-AS1’s compact form factor requires minimal floor space for installation. The barrier free design provides venues the flexibility to create custom sized passageways suitable for comfort of patrons and the needs of the venue.

Alvarado takes a hands on approach to projects and you benefit from our expertise and years of experience. We will help with layout and product placement, provide operational recommendations and work with you to achieve solutions for the unique aspects of your application.



TAS12P-AS1 with integrated printer option (shown above).

What’s included:

  • TAS12 intelligent scanning device with touchscreen display, customizable audio and visual signals
  • Advanced controller with TCP/IP communication
  • Compact barrier-free pedestal / post mount design
  • Various available options as described below

Additional benefits:

  • Validates all types of 1D/2D barcodes, including wristbands
  • Options to validate other credentials (RFID, magnetic stripe, etc.)
  • Integrates with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software and VenueView360 stored value and loyalty engagement platform
  • The ability to customize audio and visual signals
  • Compact footprint and barrier free design provides implementation flexibility and comfort for patrons
  • Fast entry throughput
  • Option to integrate a high speed printer (model TAS12P-AS1) to print seat locators, receipts, or coupons as part of the admission process

Plug and play for partners

Partner benefits

No one knows more about intelligent entry control than Alvarado. Our suite of intelligent admission products provide robust solutions for all types of venues and applications. All our products operate with Alvarado’s GateLink10 admission software. We have easy to follow APIs and we’re willing to customize integration for select partners.

We manufacture and support our products and provide competent layout, configuration and training services. Let us show you why working with Alvarado is a smart choice.

Benefits of working with Alvarado:

  • Simple, straightforward integrations
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the market
  • Support and experience working with all media types
  • Real-time and offline controls
  • Robust designs that require minimal maintenance
  • Consultative services to assist with layout, throughput requirements and special needs entry needs
  • Responsive and collaborative support



Bar code validation solution
Scan printed and digital barcodes, including wristbands


All Media Capable
Options to validate RFID, magnetic stripe (including US driver’s licenses), Passbook and more


Intuitive Operation
Patrons adapt easily to the self-admission process


Flexible and Cost Effective
Intelligent admission stations provide the most flexible and cost effective way to control entry and improve the guest experience


Numerous Options Available
Options include integrated printing (model TAS12P-AS1) and wireless connectivity

Real integration with any ticketing system

Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices operate in conjunction with our GateLink10 server based admission software. GateLink10 integrates with dozens of facility ticketing system providers to validate season tickets, walk-ups, transfers and other categories unique to each facility.

The TAS12-AS1, like all our intelligent admission devices, communicates over a wired or wireless TCP/IP network.

Gate admission station with ticketing integration

Product downloads

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Visit our Resources page for additional product documentation and application photos.

Additional Information

Other Intelligent Admission Devices and Entry Gates

In addition to our TAS12-AS1, we offer a wide assortment of additional gate admission devices, including solutions for disabled and stroller entry.

Software Applications

Alvarado’s intelligent admission devices operate in conjunction with our GateLink10  admission software. Alvarado also offers the following software solutions:

  • VenueView360 provides cashless payment solutions as well as loyalty and reward programs that build patron loyalty, increase revenues and provide meaningful value to sponsor partners.
  • GateWatch patron counting software provides real time and in venue counts and a historic database of entry and exit activity.

The TAS12-AS1 has several available options, including:

  • Additional media reading (e.g., magnetic stripe, RFID)
  • Wireless (802.11g) TCP/IP communication
  • Variety of powder coat colors or stainless steel finish
  • 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz power supply
  • Vinyl cover to place over the station when it is not in use
  • For automated control of both entries and exits, please review the product page for the TAS12-AS2

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