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Updates to all Optical Turnstiles:


Alvarado offers a number of baseplate solutions for new installations and installations where Alvarado turnstiles are replacing existing equipment.

New Installations

For installations where drilling or trenching is not an option, Alvarado offers baseplate solutions that eliminate the need for drilling or cutting into the floor. Alvarado’s unique interconnected baseplate design supports single lanes or multi-lane configurations with center cabinets. Baseplates are also available for other Alvarado products that can be installed in conjunction with optical turnstiles, such as our gates or modular post and panel barriers.

Alvarado baseplates have a slip resistant coating and provide interior channels for the running of communication and power wire interconnections between cabinets. Baseplates support turnstiles with either 28” or 36” passage widths, as well as custom sizes.

Replacing Existing Equipment

When Alvarado optical turnstiles are replacing existing products, often the existing conduit locations do not line up with the Alvarado turnstile conduit openings. For these applications, Alvarado offers custom platforms that cover existing installation holes and allow existing conduit locations to be utilized with the Alvarado product.

Two lane SU5000 optical turnstile on baseplate

Two lane SU5000 optical turnstile and SW1000 pedestrian gate on baseplate

Custom baseplate allows newly installed SU5000’s to use existing conduit runs

Visitor Card Retrieval

In applications where visitors are temporarily issued proximity cards to access the facility, Alvarado offers a Visitor Card Retrieval Pedestal to automatically reclaim cards on exit. The pedestal installs on the secured side of the optical turnstile. To exit, visitors drop their card in the retrieval slot. A reader inside the pedestal reads the card and then retains it for retrieval and reuse by the facility.

Updates to all Full Height Turnstiles:

Full Height Turnstile Certifications

Alvarado’s extensive suite of full height turnstiles are now UL and CSA listed under UL standards 325 and 294, and CSA C22.2 #247-14. The product is also CE marked.

Using a UL and CSA listed product eliminates the need for field certifications when product certification is required.  Having these certifications streamlines the installation and approval process, saving the customer time and money.

“We are pleased to add our full height turnstile products to the growing list of Alvarado products that are UL and CSA listed,” said Bret Armatas, CEO and President of Alvarado.