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Updates to all Optical Turnstiles:

New Alvarado Desktop Controller :

Alvarado now offers a compact Desktop Controller which is available for use with all SU Series optical turnstiles. This small device can be placed on the reception desk to allow an attendant to authorize single passages through Alvarado optical turnstiles. Typically used to provide temporary or visitor access in conjunction with the facility access control system, the Desktop Controller is easy to install and operate. The standard version provides push buttons to allow passage in the entry and exit direction for two turnstiles. A latching button allows the turnstiles to be placed in emergency override mode.

Please contact Alvarado for additional information.

Updates to all Full Height Turnstiles:

Alvarado Offers Weatherization Options for Full Height Turnstiles:

No one makes better full height turnstiles than Alvarado. Our full height models are America’s most specified and used security turnstiles. For highly demanding environments, Alvarado offers enhanced weatherization protection options for the turnstile top channel which houses the product’s transformer, electrical components and turnstile control board.

There are 3 Options available:

OPTION 1 – Top Channel Sealing

This option completely seals the area between the top channel frame and cover preventing dirt and dust from entering the turnstile top channel.

OPTION 2 – Top Channel Sealing + Enclosed Turnstile Controller

Option 2 provides a sealed top channel plus the turnstile control board inside the top channel is housed in a NEMA enclosure.

OPTION 3 – Top Channel Sealing + Enclosed Turnstile Controller + Heater

Option 3 provides a sealed top channel, NEMA enclosed turnstile control board and a heater that maintains a minimum temperature inside the top channel.