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Why End Users Choose Alvarado

Company Stability
Alvarado has been in business since 1956. Family owned for the last 30 years, we are a stable company that will be a viable, ongoing entity for years to come. In short, we’re here today and we’ll be here tomorrow.

Reliable Products
We make products that are built to last. It is not uncommon to find Alvarado products that have been in use for over 20 years. Our products combine cutting edge technology with reliable mechanics to provide years (or decades) of trouble-free performance.

Great Features and Great Prices
Simply put; our products offer the most bang for your buck. Other companies may charge extra for features that we include as standard on our models. We include more features to make it simpler to order, faster to install and easier to service. All of this comes at a very competitive price that’s easy on your budget, too.

Innovative and Stylish Products
We design products that combine cutting edge technology with reliable mechanics. We keep aesthetic appeal high on our priority list so that our products not only function flawlessly, but are attractive as well.  

Product Expertise and Responsive Service
We have provided solutions for nearly any installation imaginable and understand the needs of our customers to recommend products to meet any application. Our attention to detail ensures implementation and integration is seamless and you can always reach a live customer service or technical support representative to troubleshoot or answer questions. Alvarado customers agree that, while our products are excellent, our superior knowledge and service is what keeps them choosing us again and again.

Ability to Customize Products
We design and manufacture our products in our Southern California facility, which allows us to easily customize paint finishes, cabinet materials, branding, etching and much more.

Experienced Global Network
Our international network of dealers have decades of experience. Alvarado dealers ensure products are installed correctly, and can provide ongoing service and support for years to come.


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