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A loyalty rewards platform designed for sports teams and entertainment venues

VenueView360 is a patent pending enterprise loyalty software platform that allows organizations to create highly innovative programs that take fan engagement to the next level. Our real-time rewards rules engine makes it possible to instantly connect with your best customers, and reward them with points and stored value. Other available rewards include electronically distributed discounts, invitations to special events and more.

Designed by professionals who understand the unique challenges facing sports teams and entertainment venues, VenueView360 is truly the most comprehensive and flexible loyalty platform in the industry.

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loyalty rewards platform with stored value

VenueView360 applications

Deploy programs for stored value, loyalty and other engagement purposes at venues such as:

Access control and gate admissions for stadiums and arenas

Professional Sports Teams and Leagues


Arenas and Stadiums

Access control and gate admissions for amusement and theme parks

Amusement and Theme Parks

Access control and gate admissions for family fun centers

Entertainment Destinations

Access control and gate admissions for multipurpose facilities

Multipurpose Facilities

Access control and gate admissions for zoos, aquariums and museums

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

The evolution of loyalty engagement

Real ROI

Justifying the cost of a technology platform is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to understand that at the end of the day, the true measure of success for a loyalty program is whether it can help you drive increased revenue and profit.

VenueView360 provides the tools to help you learn as much as possible about your customer’s preferences, then use those insights to drive ticket sales and concessions spending, and increase valuable sponsorship revenue opportunities.

Our API and modular architecture enables richer, more robust integrations with key in-venue systems, such as ticketing, admission control and point-of-sale, as well as partner systems outside of the venue. We give you more ways to engage with customers and sponsors, so you can easily track patterns and behaviors, using data from VenueView360, as well data that is shared/exchanged with other systems.

No other platform has been designed from the start to easily integrate and securely share data and functionality with other systems. A full complement of standard reports is just the start of what is possible, as our well-designed API gives you the power to pull live data into other systems, for generating custom reports and analysis.

You provide the program goals. VenueView360 provides the platform that can be scaled to make those goals reality.

Experience the following benefits with VenueView360:

  • Create and manage a highly innovative rewards program
  • Provide rewards to members for defined behaviors
  • Increase attendance and ticketing / concession revenues
  • Leverage your valuable member base for sponsors
  • Improve or personalize the guest experience
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications (ticketing, CRM, POS, admission control)

More than just points on a card

No smoke and mirrors

The essence of the VenueView360 platform is our rewards engine. When patrons do something you’ve defined as beneficial, they earn a reward. You decide what triggers a reward and the reward provided.

Depending on the platform modules in place, rewards can be generated in different forms including points, stored value, discounts, free product or special event invitations. Rewards can be delivered in many ways, including to mobile phones.

A few automatic reward trigger examples:

  • Purchasing or renewing season tickets or passes
  • Transferring tickets through approved channels
  • Purchasing concessions or merchandise
  • Attending an event or arriving before a designated time
  • Associating with a sponsor partner program
  • Redeeming a sponsor reward
  • Visiting a sponsor location

Reward examples:

  • “Loaded ticket” stored value for single event use
  • Account based stored value for use across multiple events
  • Points
  • Coupons
  • Special event invitations
  • Free products or product discounts

Implement at your own pace


VenueView360 provides very flexible implementation options. Deploy only the functionality desired and expand the program at your own pace.

Standard features and benefits:

  • Flexible platform design – grow at your own pace
  • Implement with or without program cards
  • Powerful rewards engine
  • Administrative portal
  • Customizable patron portal
  • Integration with existing team / venue mobile applications
  • Integration with ticketing, POS, CRM and access control



Stored Value Module

The Stored Value Module allows organizations to associate or reward value (i.e. money) to a ticket, pass or registered account for purchases of food, beverages and merchandise at in-venue POS stations. This module includes the ability to reward members with value or points making it an excellent first step in loyalty program deployment.

Features and benefits:

  • Ability to associate money or value to a ticket / pass or registered account
  • Ability to redeem money or value at in-venue POS systems
  • Incentivizes ticket sales
  • Increases concession sales and breakage
  • Provides a more convenient payment method
  • Integration with access control allows rewards for event attendence
  • Reward patrons with points or value

Loyalty Module

The Loyalty Module provides comprehensive program development and management tools. The module also further leverages the power of the rewards engine to automatically trigger digital discount and product rewards, including rewards that promote and benefit sponsor partners. Rewards are redeemed and tracked through integration with in-venue POS systems.

The module includes APIs to link a team or venue program with a sponsor’s loyalty program, allowing reward exchanges between systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Full featured loyalty / member program development and management
  • User-friendly web interface for members and administrators
  • Full access to all automated reward options
  • Various reward delivery options
  • Integrated program capabilities (e.g., individual but integrated team and league programs)
  • Sponsor program integration capabilities
  • In-venue POS redemption (for out-of-venue redemption options use VStamp – see below)

VStamp Module

The VStamp Digital Coupon Delivery and Redemption Module (“VStamp Module”) is a revolutionary way to send and redeem digital coupon rewards. The module is composed of software that delivers digital rewards (i.e. coupons) to touchscreen mobile phones and a small, inexpensive, device we call a VStamp that redeems the delivered reward when touched to the mobile phone touchscreen.

The VStamp Module extends your loyalty program beyond the confines of a venue, allowing rewards to be redeemed anywhere mobile phone coverage exists, without requiring POS integration. The VStamp Module tracks the time and location of the redemption and can limit the locations where a coupon may be redeemed.

The VStamp Module can also be used to track physical attendance allowing rewards to be triggered upon visits (or multiple visits) to sponsor locations.

Features and benefits:

  • Deliver digital coupons to member touchscreen mobile phones
  • Redeem rewards quickly and easily wherever mobile phone coverage exists
  • Engage program members with local and national sponsor partners
  • Track when and where rewards are redeemed
  • Reward program members for visiting sponsor locations
  • No POS integration required

Integration friendly design

Unlike other platforms that are limited in scope, VenueView360 offers more possible ways to trigger a reward, and more reward methods. Our modular approach and scalable, API-driven architecture means easier integration with ticketing, admission control, POS, CRM and even sponsor partner systems.

loyalty rewards platform with gate admission and ticketing integration

Product downloads


VenueView 360 Datasheet


VenueView 360 Brochure


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Additional Information

Intelligent Admission Devices

Alvarado offers a wide assortment of intelligent admission control solutions to make VenueView360 even more powerful. In connection with our GateLink10 admission software (see Other Alvarado Software Applications, below), venues can distribute digital rewards or printed coupons to patrons entering at the front gate. Most all our intelligent admission hardware is manufactured in our company owned facility in the USA.

Other Alvarado Software Applications

VenueView360 integrates seamlessly with Alvarado’s industry leading GateLink10 admission control software platform. GateLink10 provides full featured ticket validation and gate admission control at sports and entertainment venues worldwide.

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