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Why Integrators Choose Alvarado

Alvarado has a long history of partnership with integrators, dealers and distributors.
Treating our dealers and distributors as our most valuable customers, we understand the unique symbiosis between a manufacturer and those that actually sell and install its products. We consistently direct end users through our distribution/sales channels to provide superior service and support.

Alvarado makes it easy to access drawings, specifications and installation instructions.
CAD files, plan/elevation/footprint drawings and installation instructions on every product are available from our web site and on www.sweets.com – one of the most popular tools used by installers and integrators. We provide detailed installation instructions, maintenance guidelines and specifications.

Alvarado builds products that are easy to install.

Our products are packed with standard features that others consider options.
These features help speed integration, which adds up to noticeable savings of time and money. Plus the majority of our products ship fully assembled, allowing installers to complete installations faster.

Alvarado provides innovative products that are easy to integrate and use.
From our early patents in the fifties and sixties, to our first computerized admission system, Alvarado is constantly pushing product designs forward. All our products are designed with two goals in mind: make it easy to integrate and make it easy to use.

Alvarado has over fifty years of integration experience.
Founded in 1956, Alvarado is one of the oldest, U.S. based companies of its kind. Specializing in secured entry control, admission systems, queuing and asset protection products, we provide unique perspective to any installation.

Alvarado has some of the most knowledgeable and helpful staff in the business.
We recruit the best people and train them to focus on customer needs. We have been involved in thousands of projects in the 50+ years.

Alvarado builds its products right here in the USA.
We pride ourselves on being a U.S. based company that actually designs, builds and delivers products using in-house fabrication and local vendors

Alvarado has a huge U.S. based facility with on-hand inventory to meet any job demands.
We have over 70,000 sq. ft. of storage in our headquarters in Chino, CA providing ample storage for inventory ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Alvarado can ship products faster than the competition.
Our superior manufacturing and warehouse processes allow us to ship our products 35% faster than the competition. Our QuickShip Program allows us to expedite most orders in a matter of days.

Alvarado guarantees its products for a full year.
Rigorous quality control points ensure every product shipping out our doors meets specification.


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