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Why Architects Choose Alvarado

Readily Available Specifications
CAD files, plan/elevation/footprint drawings and 3-part specifications are available direct from our web site. We can also provide project specific drawings in less than 48 hours. We can assist with designs, calculations and product selection and identify potential issues during the specification process.

Innovative and Stylish Products
We design products that combine cutting edge technology with reliable mechanics. We keep aesthetic appeal high on our priority list so that our products not only function flawlessly, but appear flawless as well. 

Ability to Customize Products
We design and manufacture most of our products in our Southern California facility, which allows us to easily customize paint finishes, cabinet materials, branding, etching and much more.

Stability and Reliability
Founded in 1956, Alvarado is one of the oldest turnstile manufacturers in the U.S.  Family owned for the last 30 years, you can rely on the fact that you are specifying products from a company that will be a viable, ongoing entity for years to come.

Experienced Global Network
Our international network of dealers have decades of experience. Alvarado dealers ensure product are installed correctly, and can provide ongoing service and support for years to come.

Knowledgeable Staff
Our knowledgeable customer service and technical support personnel understand the specification process and are available to make recommendations and solve problems.

Very Competitive Pricing
Our products are priced competitively and designed to provide reliable service without breaking your budget.

Responsive Service
We continue to provide excellent service and support well after initial installation. You can always reach a live customer service or technical support representative that can troubleshoot or answer questions. Alvarado customers agree that, while our products are excellent, our superior service is what keeps them specifying us over and over.


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